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Synonyms for examiner

Synonyms for examiner

someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications

an investigator who observes carefully

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This is the first time that Professor from Pakistan is appointed external examiners to taught a program to provide an independent view and report on students performance, program outcomes and proposed awards.
1936: An Examiner reporter, Alfred Morgan Lee, was sent to Berlin to cover the Olympics and made history.
Last year, KCSE exam results were released on December 20.Chief examiners arrived in Nairobi last week to lay the ground for marking of the examinations.The examiners will mark scripts for the 664,585 candidates in 19 examination marking centres in Nairobi and its environs.
There are more than 58,000 certified medical examiners on the National Registry that can continue to perform medical exams on commercial truck and bus drivers.
Contract examiners are neither regular salaried members of a state insurance department nor state or government employees.
The Principal Examiner would further appoint Examiners (not below the rank of XENs in various subjects, who would set the papers conforming to the standard and scope of prescribed syllabus.
A typical examiner training presentation will last from one to two hours, and the content is at the discretion of the company.
The report released under the Freedom of Information Act adds: "The candidate unapologetically admits this." Another learner had to be arrested after pushing and shoving the examiner.
Examiner.com, which was set up in 2008, is a network where independent contributors share content with like-minded audiences globally.
According to Sir John Fraser, when a candidate fails in the examination, it is also considered the failure of the Examiner as well.
LLP acquired the Examiner from Philip Anschutz' Clarity Media Group in November, also for undisclosed terms.
Patel is now a commissioned senior examiner. Anderson, Leder and Powell are now certified bank senior examiners.
Each examiner took 2 PD measurements per site (6,564), for a total of 19,692 measurements among the three examiners.
L-3 Security & Detection Systems has announced that its eXaminer 3DX-ES explosives detection system (EDS) has passed the European Union Commission Regulation Standard 3 for EDS under the European Civil Aviation Conference Common Evaluation Process (CEP) of Security Equipment