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Synonyms for examiner

Synonyms for examiner

someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications

an investigator who observes carefully

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According to the FTC report, each examiner has "from eight to 25 hours to read and understand each application, search for prior art, evaluate patentability, communicate with the applicant, work out necessary revisions, and reach and write up conclusions.
Most intriguing and promising of all is the fact that Anschutz has registered the Examiner trademark in 69 cities, including the JOA-afflicted markets of Albuquerque, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Tuscon--and Seattle.
Once the fraud examiner has solved the case, he or she should prepare the final written report.
In contrast, a firearms examiner can offer only his or her expert opinion that a pair of bullets do or don't match.
The process relies on the examiner to establish the threshold rather than using an objective approach.
Connecticut's state medical examiner is notified of deaths that occur outside hospitals or within 24 hours of hospitalization.
DRIVING examiners have been told to cut out the small talk after hundreds of complaints about them chattering during L-tests.
This particularly holds true of the sexual assault examiner.
With the acquisition of The Examiner in November, the Fang family now sits atop a mini empire of newspapers in the Bay Area.
The former Examiner staff now works for The Chronicle, where Bronstein is the executive editor.
The modern metropolitan medical examiner is a trained forensic pathologist and an unbiased, neutral observer of fact.
For example, it is important for an examiner to determine the client's visual acuity; is the field of vision restricted; are there differential problems in near and distant vision; what is the quality of the client's usable vision?
A significant reason for appointing an examiner is to break up the proceedings logjam that can cause companies to languish and die while in Chapter 11.
PESHAWAR -- Engineer Javaid Akbar, Superintending Engineer C and W Circle Peshawar has been appointed as Principal Examiner to conduct the Departmental Examination of Tracers.
EXTRA TIMEbrBut where there was a need to work beyond these hours, the chief examiner was required to liaise with the council for such extension.