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someone who is tested (as by an intelligence test or an academic examination)

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We have suspended the police official for not showing basic courtesy during the checking of examinees," the local Khagaria district superintendent of police Anil Kumar Singh told journalists on Friday.
The service, which enables examinees to select the option of running the text in their mother tongues, is part of RTA's continuous endeavour to realise its third strategic goal of making people happier.
In addition, the exam took place in the computer centre of the school where examinee seating was determined randomly on the spot so it was impossible to know beforehand where the examinees would be sitting.
RTE provides an unobtrusive way to collect motivation data for each item, and thus does not rely on examinee judgments of their own motivation (Kong, Wise, & Bhole, 2007; Wise & Kong, 2005).
in which the lower asymptote c (the guessing parameter) represents the probability that an examinee with extremely low ability will correctly answer an item with difficulty b.
There was statistically significant difference between the genders of examinees (Table 1).
However, the study focused on examiner familiarity with the examinee and only investigated experience tangentially.
A MOMENT of candour -- or call it naivete -- has led to a police investigation into how the contents of a government exam were leaked to the examinees.
Difference from the operational version of the diagnostic tasks showed by the examinee that in the working version each task comes to the end with the diagnosis established with algorithm.
i]) probabilities depend on the item selection rule applied, on the item bank composition and on the trait level distribution of the examinee population.
The examinee was given four options: bie, biy, by and bey.
As they were accomplishing the initial no flap touch and go, the examinee landed and pushed up the power for the touch and go.
After decreasing substantially through the late 1990s, examinee volumes for all 3 exams have steadily increased since 2001.
From the late 1960s to the mid-1980s, the test incorporated a vignette about a fictitious patient, asking the examinee to choose questions to ask and tests to order.
The answer may depend on the seriousness of the crime to which the examinee has confessed.