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Synonyms for examine

Synonyms for examine

to study closely or systematically

to subject to a procedure that ascertains effectiveness, value, proper function, or other quality

to subject to a test of knowledge or skill

to put a question to (someone)

Synonyms for examine

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For example, the recommendation that Kiswahili becomes a compulsory and examinable subject made in 1976 was only implemented 9 years later in 1985.
Cantonese-speakers' average in the examinable subjects was 69.
is financially capable, has a sound business plan, and is of good character) should be allowed to own a bank, so long as the bank is adequately capitalized and competently managed, the activities of the bank are restricted to those that are examinable and supervisable, and the relationships and transactions between the bank and the owner are closely monitored by bank regulators.
20) My theological training in an ecumenical institution (St Paul's in Kenya) and taking a one semester examinable module in ecumenism has had a lasting impression in my life and ministry.
Both Houses argued that under the former, they alone were the judges of the extent and application of their own privileges, not examinable by any court or subject to any appeal.
But lecture notes are not resource material and indicate a examinable and not intended to be preference for this material over prime resources.
Interestingly though, in the examination design brief provided to teachers, the debate about 'knowledge' and examinable knowledge again raises its head.
can be answered with a degree of confidence--confidence that the evidence being examined, or material utilized, is as consistent as possible with what was examinable when it was created and used, and has not been altered to skew its content or context and, thus, its potential meaning.
It should be an obligatory subject and should be examinable.
The course is 244 hours of intensive work, and it's examinable.
It cheapened the schools' offerings by effectively limiting them to examinable subjects, and it corrupted headteachers and school staffs by having them accept examination results alone as a valid indicator of their professional value.
2: Your questions can be such that you don't have to know the answer now, important is that they are examinable.
This was due to human error because the examination board had not made it sufficiently clear that this text, new to the specification, was not examinable until June.
As a first step, the conference recommended that each African country should introduce the teaching of an examinable African language alongside English or French from the primary school level up to the university.