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a written examination

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5 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court to hear a plea seeking an investigation into the alleged Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exam paper leak on March 12
Mrs Jones said Mr Stewart gave Pupil A an exam paper covered in pink writing - with comments saying "you need me".
When Khaleej Times reached out to several of the largest examination boards that mark British curriculum exam papers across the globe, they said they have "tried and tested" processes that have been in place for many years to ensure the utmost effectiveness and security of exam systems.
Those who prepared the exam paper basically shot students, by taking 30 to 40 minutes from their valuable time, because it was badly written and very difficult to comprehend," parent and Modern Greek teacher Dimitris Kyriakou told CyBC.
Leaking of exam papers is a problem that threatens our students' futures.
They come on top of a series of mortifying blunders including four pages being missing from the Leaving Cert accountancy exam paper three years ago and incorrect figures given on a question in the Junior Cert higher-level paper.
A Metropolitan Police spokesman said they had twice been notified of exam paper theft from a college -believed to be independent Harrow Park Tutorial College -but could not say whether they related to separate crimes.
A probe has been ordered into the matter and the police is trying to find out the perpetrators who leaked the exam paper.
The Department of Basic Education is shocked and disappointed to learn that a Mathematics Paper 2 exam paper was leaked to Grade 12 learners in Giyani, Mopani District in Limpopo.
The page posted pictures of the exam paper roughly 40 minutes after it had begun and subsequently started posting answers to the exam questions.
It followed a row which broke out when the pass mark of the exam paper was lowered in the summer.
Question: If thousands and thousands of students consider their exam paper to be unfair, is it?
The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education (DBE) has supported the approach the Department of Basic Education is taking in dealing with the reported Grade 12 maths exam paper leak in the Mopani district.
The police said Atri was on the run since the crime branch took up the case following the AIIMS exam paper leak.
Even if you went into the exam hall, drew a funny face on the exam paper and told the examiner to get a life you'd probably get an F grade - for making some kind of effort.