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Synonyms for exalting

tending to exalt


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Her pristine sensitivity, tender touch and virtuosic competence are all over in place, drawing out nothing, but exalting nuances and picturesque landscapes of sound.
In fact, in the midst of these very passages Nietzsche firmly states that part of the disciple's "revenge consisted in exalting Jesus in an extravagant fashion, in severing him from themselves; just as the Jews, in revenge on their enemies, had previously separated their God from themselves and raised him on high.
Exalting biblical inerrancy works against the Lordship of Christ.
However, his efforts at exalting Davis' status as a poet are overstated.
I remember in the early 1970s speaking to my students about the dangers of exalting heroes and mentioned Le Corbusier, that onetime hero of heroes.
We have a schizophrenic view of ourselves, exalting some of what we are and debasing the rest.
These elements give the profession an ideal, a vision of itself that is both humbling and exalting--humbling in that we as persons can never be the measure of the ideal; exalting in that we can conceive of the ideal's tasks and moral obligations.