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in an exaggerated manner

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Thus, two stents exaggeratedly protruding from the LMCA into the aorta were observed by postoperative MSCT [Figure 1]i.
At one point she even showed how 'kendeng' is done by exaggeratedly moving her hips from left to right.
While the royal wedding is deemed exaggeratedly expensive, it may not, after all, be the only costly wedding across the UK or elsewhere.
"The major difference is that the rich try to hide the scars exaggeratedly, while the poor reveal the scars as is," Oh explained.
A 'magtataho' would bump the side of a passing car with his bucket, then exaggeratedly tumble on the road.
Despite the exaggeratedly funny characters, there's a realism in its treatment of the trials and tribulations of middleclass motherhood.
Optical skew and physical jut are married in many of Van Elk's works--see his signature exaggeratedly shaped frames.
Some, notably the satiric TV show Eretz Nehederet (Wonderful Country), evinced bad taste by exaggeratedly mimicking her accent rather than concentrating on lauding the creative educator's enthusiasm.
Yet, as Trump exaggeratedly has bragged, nothing he says will hurt him and, although a seeming step too far, it appears to be true, at least as of this writing.
The day after the defeat at Ayr there was a major upset in the City camp as three senior players (Lloyd McGrath, Trevor Peake and Kenny Sansom) were disciplined after what was exaggeratedly described as a 'drinking spree' in a team's hotel.
The 35-year-old starlet, who's famous for exaggeratedly sexualizing herself , demanded that Siwar doesn't publish the photo (which was blurred out to the viewers at home), while threatening him if he dared to leak any of the high-profile faces in it.
Merkel made clear at a midnight news conference that she was "not exaggeratedly optimistic" that a deal could be found to save Greece by Sunday.
Merkel said she was "not exaggeratedly optimistic" for a solution, Reuters said.