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Synonyms for exact

Synonyms for exact

strictly distinguished from others


not deviating from correctness, accuracy, or completeness

being an exact amount or number


conforming completely to established rule

to obtain by coercion or intimidation

to establish and apply as compulsory

to ask for urgently or insistently

Synonyms for exact

claim as due or just


take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs

marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact

(of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth

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(NASDAQ: INTU) has agreed to acquire Pennsylvania, US-based SaaS technology provider of sales tax compliance software Exactor to expand QuickBooks platform, the company said.
However, I found myself having more faith in her as an exactor of law and order than watching Rhod Gilbert being a pretend Plod on last week's final (and long delayed) episode of his Work Experience series.
PAST The soon-to-becompleted seven bedroom country house, which also boasts two completed self-catering cottages, has been lovingly renovated by art dealer Ralph Sanders and his partner, exactor Roland Powell, after they acquired the old Bryn Derwen care home on the outskirts of Llanrwst on the LION HOTEL, Good service, setting (01686 lionhotelberriew) DRUID INN, Look out for (01352 770292) YO'MAMAS, Authentic 362992, yo-MAENAN LLANRWST surroundings maenanabbey.LEUNG JIA BRIDGE A470 some years ago.
Perstitit ergo inprobus praedo et auarus exactor in eum qui nihil ipsius habebat insurgere, et dum uitiatae originis praeiudicium generale persequitur, chirographum quo nitebatur excidit, ab illo iniquitatis exigens poenam, in quo nullam repperit culpam.
Be a preacher of piety, not an exactor of tithes, for the convert's soul must be fed on the good apostle's milk, until it grows strong enough to take solid food.
This is odd, for even if one wants to say that Phinehas' act to slay ringleaders was clearly the observance of God's command, and that he is the exactor of the punishment, what is to account for the 24,000 dead from the plague?
John Eaton drew out the affront that a Mosaic renaissance was posing to "the voice of the Gospel": "Moses with his Law is a severe exactor, requiring of us by feare, and hope of reward, what we should work, and that we should give: briefly it requireth by precepts, and exacteth threatenings: Contrariwise, the Gospel giveth freely, and requireth of us nothing else, but to hold out our hands, and to take that which is offered." Eaton, The Honey-Combe of Free Justification by Christ Alone (London: Robert Lancaster, 1642), 83.
Strabo also reports that "old ones" (hoi archaioi) say that Minos was "tyrannical, violent, and an exactor of tribute." (120) Which of these we should accept, Strabo writes, is "hard to say." (121) Later, however, he writes that both Rhadamanthus and Minos brought forth laws to men "as if from Zeus" (hos para tou Dios).
More precisely, one should say that the expression is ambiguous between, on the one hand, an exactor literal interpretation of four or five, in which my family is said to have been waiting either 4 or 5 hours and not some intermediate amount of time (such as 4 hours and 30 minutes) and, on the other hand, an idiomatic "estimation" interpretation of four or five, in which my family is said to have been waiting from 4 to 5 hours; and one should also say that the second interpretation is much more likely to be given to the sentence than the first.
Strong Paladin hardly touched a twig aside from getting close to the last to land the Tote Exactor Harvest Handicap Chase on his debut for Nick Gaselee.