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Synonyms for exaction

the act of demanding

a fixed amount of money charged for a privilege or service

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act of demanding or levying by force or authority

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Clare felt the loss of Eva as deeply as she could feel anything; and, as she was a woman that had a great faculty of making everybody unhappy when she was, her immediate attendants had still stronger reason to regret the loss of their young mistress, whose winning ways and gentle intercessions had so often been a shield to them from the tyrannical and selfish exactions of her mother.
The inhabitants of the Atlantic frontier are all of them deeply interested in this provision for naval protection, and if they have hitherto been suffered to sleep quietly in their beds; if their property has remained safe against the predatory spirit of licentious adventurers; if their maritime towns have not yet been compelled to ransom themselves from the terrors of a conflagration, by yielding to the exactions of daring and sudden invaders, these instances of good fortune are not to be ascribed to the capacity of the existing government for the protection of those from whom it claims allegiance, but to causes that are fugitive and fallacious.
Which means, monsieur," replied De Guiche, now rather pale, "that I caused these tents to be raised as habitations for myself and my friends, as a shelter for the ambassadors of France, as the only place of refuge which your exactions have left us in the town; and that I and those who are with me, shall remain in them, at least, until an authority more powerful, and more supreme, than your own shall dismiss me from them.
I found the exactions of the profession somewhat too much for my delicate state of body; and, discovering, at last, that I was knocked all out of shape, so that I didn't know very well what to make of the matter, and so that my friends, when they met me in the street, couldn't tell that I was Peter Proffit at all, it occurred to me that the best expedient I could adopt was to alter my line of business.
There was something about the luxury of the Welland house and the density of the Welland atmosphere, so charged with minute observances and exactions, that always stole into his system like a narcotic.
Any such exaction, therefore, must undergo the meticulous process of scrutiny in order to ensure that what is being demanded is only the correct amount.
Tenders are invited for Asphalting to main road Residing SC-ST including Load exaction and Construction of RCC Drain at Ward No.
In other words, the street or the sidewalk serves the level of intensity of the residence or other use and therefore, the nature and extent of the exaction are generally deemed roughly proportional to the proposed development.
Court of Federal Claims earlier ruled that the government had committed an illegal exaction.
Nollan requires that there be an "essential nexus" between the burden created by development and the exaction on which a development permit is conditioned.
In founding-era financial usage, imposition could refer to any pecuniary exaction by the government.
And the salary that Elliott has continued to receive for working at the water department "is an illegal exaction of public funds" that should be returned to the city, the lawsuit said.
This recent state exaction should be dissected and thoroughly investigated when Congress hears the agency's proposed 2016 budget," she added.
Consequently the SHC ordered a stay to the exaction till March 6 and referred the case to trial court.
In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court held the district's request that Koontz consider paying for certain district improvements in his basin might have constituted a coercive exaction.