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making worse

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It also can increase the damage associated with HCV infection by exacerbating the inflammation and formation of scar tissue associated with HCV infection, which, in turn, may accelerate the disease progression to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
The Sudanese government provides security for Talisman and allegations were that the oil company's oil extraction was exacerbating the civil war.
Exacerbating the wounds and frustrations produced by these tensions have been severe market pressures on health care facilities and workers.
Nursing homes confronting this challenge must address several problems: how to treat these patients, and do so without perpetuating or exacerbating the resistance problem; how to control the spread of infection; and how to accomplish these goals without lengthy hospital stays.
Like the physical transgressiveness of the Styrofoam balls, the illusive transgressiveness of the figure has become an uninvited guest in Dunham's imagination; exacerbating the plane, it demands to be incorporated into it.
If it is, the committee said, then further studies could determine whether it also carries risks such as exacerbating prostate cancer and clogging blood vessels.
In the human brain, glutamate serves as an important messenger, but it can also kill the brain's nerve cells under stress, exacerbating the damage done by a stroke.
Buchanan has also found that sodium chloride reduces bacteria's ability to feast, further exacerbating the energy drain.