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a woman who was formerly a particular man's wife


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6, Jennifer Willoughby, Porter's second ex-wife said there were a number of instances when he physically assaulted her, including dragging her naked from the shower and calling her a "f b " under his breath in public settings.
My daughters and ex-wife were living separately from me in an apartment in Defense Housing Authority's Phase-V but suddenly they went disappeared from there without even shifting their furniture and other items,' he added.
He claimed that his ex-wife Fauzia and three daughters , Tania, Farza and Areeba, who were living separately, have been allegedly detained by some influential persons.
A man, accused of trying to kill his ex-wife by pouring acid on her, was ordered by the Court of First Instance to be examined for mental sanity.
As soon as they married a year ago, all communication about our daughter was done through him, and my ex-wife and I haven't been in touch socially ever since.
When he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, the American coach had denied threatening his Egyptian ex-wife that he would go to the gym where she works, pull her from her hair and beat her to death if she did not drop her case against him in August.
According to Turkish media reports, after having been apart for some time, the 42-year-old man recently reconciled with his ex-wife, YaE-are K.
Alan Markovitz has spent 7,000 dollars to erect the 12 foot tall bronze statue, which is facing the house owned by his ex-wife, Lea Tuohy, the Mirror reported.
Investigating officer Det Sgt Michael Ross told an inquest that fruit packer Mr Abrutis, originally from Lithuania, told Miss Rubziene: "I have two women in my life - it's you and my ex-wife.
No, for them, the family home is usually the first thing to go, many having to resort to renting a small scant apartment (usually "near to the family home" so they can try to see their kids) or in the case of one man I met recently, having to move back in with his mother in his late 40s while his ex-wife and kids stayed in the large family home in the country.
A LIVERPOOL medic, furious after his ex-wife was awarded the lion's share of their property empire in the divorce courts, has failed to convince top judges he got a raw deal.
FAMOUS CLIENTS: Prince of Wales, Sir Paul McCartney, John Cleese's ex-wife Alyce .
Mohammed Abbas, 34, of Crosland Road, Oakes appeared at Kirklees Magistrates Court in Huddersfield yesterday charged with breaching a non-molestation order not to contact his ex-wife.
The attacks are said to have happened after the Bahraini's ex-wife filed for divorce amid claims of domestic violence.
Summary: A top choirmaster and his ex-wife have been convicted of indecently assaulting a former music student more than 30 years ago.