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a person who was formerly a spouse

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Because ERISA requires only that a plan be administered "in accordance with the documents and instruments governing the plan," (125) a constructive trust statute affecting plan proceeds after payment to a plan-designated ex-spouse would not directly conflict with ERISA.
If terms of the agreement purposely penalize an ex-spouse, they may be considered unenforceable.
You should consider taking your alimony as a lump sum instead of monthly since 50% of ex-spouses default on alimony payments.
In forbidding Washington to apply that assumption (of revoking the ex-spouse's designation as beneficiary) here, the Court permits a divorced wife, who already acquired, during the divorce proceeding, her fair share of the couple's community property, to receive in addition the benefits that the divorce court awarded to her former husband.
"We monitor the case and enforce the court's order the first time an ex-spouse defaults," said Bo Brown, director of the program.
The inquiry was conducted by Additional IGP (Investigation) Abubakar Khudabakhs on the two incidents that occurred on August 5 and 23 wherein police allegedly manhandled first lady's daughter and son, and her ex-spouse respectively.
As long as they remain unmarried, they could receive benefits based on their ex-spouse's employment record.
She found it hard to come to terms with her ex-spouse's transition and previously revealed she is still "getting to know her".
2, 1954, with an ex-spouse at least 62 years old can file and suspend if the divorce occurred two or more years ago or the ex has filed for his retirement benefit, Kotlikoff said.
As a divorced person, I can collect Social Security retirement benefits based on my ex-spouse's earnings history.
Divorced individuals married for at least 10 years may collect a spousal benefit based on an ex-spouse's earning record as long as the ex-spouse claiming the benefit is unmarried (POMS RS section 00202.005).
Child support is money paid to your ex-spouse for support of your children.
The Tax Court recently clarified that disability retirement benefits assigned to a former spouse under a divorce agreement are ineligible for exclusion from income, even though the benefits would qualify for exclusion as compensation for personal injury had the other ex-spouse received them.
Most people either know, or assume, that on divorce a husband or a wife can be ordered to pay their ex-spouse "periodical payments" which will be assigned to provide towards housing costs and capital needs together with a share of any future income to meet the recipient's income needs.
After a divorce, an ex-spouse also can receive spousal and survivor's benefits.