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a person who was formerly a spouse

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Spouses and ex-spouses may receive Social Security benefits on their own work record or on their spouse's record.
Supreme Court sided with the divorcing ex-spouse, though--as is explained below--the justices departed from the "plan documents" rationale as articulated by some courts.
It is also important to discuss with the client that an ex-spouse or named guardian may have control over assets if payment occurs while a child is still a minor.
Ex-spouse collects life insurance proceeds and IRA rollover account of deceased spouse.
For instance, the person receiving income from his or her ex-spouse for maintenance should not only have an insurance policy on the life of the payer, but should own the policy and make the premium payments.
37] Therefore, an ex-spouse of a covered employee should make absolutely sure that the plan administrator is notified by the covered employee or by the ex-spouse directly.
Because you don't have to speak to the ex-spouse, email is very popular right now," Yaffa says.
Google traditionally has resisted efforts to erase online content from its Internet search engine, but decided to make an exception with the unauthorized sharing of nude photos because those images are often posted by an ex-spouse, jilted romantic partners or extortionists demanding ransom to take down the pictures.
The decision was unanimous, despite the fact that an applicable state law says that an ex-spouse is removed as the beneficiary of a decedent's various death benefits after divorce.
Some schemes allow ex-spouses to transfer their share of a pension within the scheme (known as an internal transfer) whereas as other schemes force an ex-spouse to transfer their benefits to an alternative scheme.
According to reports, there is no post-separation procedure, whereby a man could get his name removed from the CNIC of his ex-spouse.
Wiles Road, civil complaint involving an ex-spouse who took a 52-inch TV off the wall when she moved out; he was told to go through the court.
The alternative is that the property is sold on the open market incurring unnecessary estate agents commission, whereas a transfer of equity from one ex-spouse to the other would save this commission.
In addition to the 51 women killed by a current or ex-spouse, a further 16 females were killed by a current or ex-boyfriend.
TRADITIONALLY, repayments on a mortgage have often been funded by maintenance payments from an ex-spouse.