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An ex-serviceman himself, Councillor John Hood joined the Normandy Veterans Association for their Christmas lunch at Stechford Masonic Hall on Friday.
Another new member joined this active regimental association branch last week - 81 year old, Mark Berger - which proves that no ex-serviceman is too old to join friends of their old regiment or corps.
An ex-serviceman Lea Bank Birmingham Mail, November 2, 1975
Or if you are an ex-serviceman or woman who is out of work, tell us your story.
AN ex-serviceman is raising money for a charity which helped him recover from the post-traumatic stress he suffered as a result of his experience in the army.
Hyderabad, May 13, 2011 (Frontier Star): The Director Manpower & Training, Sindh in his monthly report of March, 2011 has informed that as many as 695 job seekers were placed in gainful employment and 713 vacancies (all private) were notified by 134 employers at all Employment Exchanges in Sindh, while 3935 job seekers (including 01 ex-serviceman, 494 women and 3440 others) were registered for employment assistance at all Employment Exchanges in March, 2011.
As a Royal British Legion Riders Branch member I am dismayed at the vitriolic outpouring of a non-motorcyclist and as far as I can gather not an ex-serviceman.
I am currently unemployed and an ex-serviceman of the Armed Forces (Army) in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance.
Ex-serviceman Bill Davidson, above, is looking for any shipmates who served with him on the HMS Galatea which was berthed in Wallsend in the 1960s.
In the vast majority of the 70-plus case studies it collected, the ex-serviceman had served in either the Gulf or Afghanistan and was showing evidence of untreated post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
He rejected Musharraf's statement that retired generals calling for his resignation were ''good-for-nothings'' and pointed out Musharraf himself is now an ex-serviceman.
I am a disabled ex-serviceman who took part in two conflicts for this country and when I see what's going on around me, like many ex-servicemen, I ask myself why did we bother?
As a Welsh ex-serviceman I am ashamed that my fellow ex-servicemen and our nation were not formally represented in Normandy on the 60th anniversary of D-Day.
A FORMER Gulf soldier took revenge on another ex-serviceman by claiming he started a massive blaze.
Might I ask these people and others to lend a friendly ear to the plight of the fully disabled ex-serviceman who has been trying to exist, at least for eight years on a mere 55s a week.