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a man who was formerly a certain woman's husband


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Varsha Gohil, left, and Alison Sharland outside the Supreme Court in Westminster central London, after a court <Bhas ruled in their favour after they said their ex-husbands misled judges about how much they were worth
During the man's interrogation, he confessed his crime and told of how after the murder, his sister's ex-husband locked him inside the apartment and told him he would return with the woman.
That's when she says her ex-husband reached over and punched her below her right eye with his clenched fist.
It seems like her bad experience with her ex-husband has put Rania off marrying for life.
According to a report in a local Arabic daily, the woman went to the house of her ex-husband one day but he asked her to go away.
In this condition, she left home and went back to her ex-husband in Gulshan-e-Maymar.
CAIRO: A tear gas bomb that was thrown inside the Demerdash Hospital by the ex-husband of a nurse resulted in the death of one girl.
Mandy Nepal, prosecuting said Parry's ex-husband uncovered the scam after she was evicted.
Summary: Katie Price has reportedly implicated son Harvey in an alleged camera theft which took place at ex-husband Peter Andre's house.
But while claiming divine status, she also suggested that she was a "slapper" for having three children by two different men - ex-husband Peter Andre and footballer Dwight Yorke.
The Tax Court held that a taxpayer was entitled to equitable relief under IRC [section] 6015(f) for her husband's half of the additional 2002 and 2003 federal income tax liabilities reported on court-ordered amended joint tax returns, since she had no reason to believe her ex-husband would not pay his share of the tax liability However, the court held equitable relief was not available for her 50% share of the additional tax, since it was not reasonable for her to assume that her ex-husband would also pay her share.
A BENEFIT fraudster claimed nearly pounds 23,000 of taxpayers' money by falsely claiming she didn't know her landlord - when he was in fact her ex-husband and she was living with him.
A POLICE sergeant is on remand in connection to a complaint by a woman that he allegedly encouraged her ex-husband to assault her, watched the abuse, and had blackmailed her in the past in order to obtain money, police said yesterday.
I love him and can't stand being apart from him but he's upset with me as I haven't told my ex-husband about him.
Under proposed amendments, women will be allowed to present a doctor's note stating that they became pregnant after divorce or to change a child's paternity unilaterally if the ex-husband agrees.