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(of telephone numbers) not listed in the telephone directory

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The Smith family, who opened Tess Riley's on Great Charlotte Street just over five years ago, are now running Ex-Directory on Vernon Street too.
When we asked if there was any reason Wilkie wouldn't speak with the Sunday Mail directly, Santoni replied: "Well, you phoned his home ex-directory number and I don't know how that was obtained.
Contact your phone company and go ex-directory if you haven't done so already - this will stop some but not all cold calls.
But it's an ex-directory number," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
Details that have come out show that Lenny Henry was targeted as well as ex-Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman, who had 11 different ex-directory phone numbers handed over for his Suffolk home.
Ian Hardacre, technical director at Connectivity, told IWR, "We are working hard to bring down the four-week period to go ex-directory. It will come down soon."
Joyce Robins, co-director the patient support group Patient Care, said, "It may be only a matter of time before records fall into the wrong hands and we see not only our ex-directory phone numbers posted on the internet but the record of our abortions, HIV and Aids status."
He became the hottest property in the Welsh game and was forced to go ex-directory.
In a normal telephone network there is reportedly an agreement that the telephone switchboard to which a caller is connected will send the correct telephone number to the receiver and, in return, the receiving switchboard will not display the number if the caller is listed as ex-directory.
Any business will be able to register as ex-directory using the TPS in the same way that individuals have been able to do for years.
It is also the UK's safest directory enquiry service offering users not only the right to go ex-directory for free, but also the new ICUCme service which alerts you the second anyone searches your details and provides you with the searchers name and address.
Ex-Directory There area few secret elements to Ex-Directory and just because someone Secret bar Ex-Directory is hidden away beneath a red telephone box discovers one element, it doesn't necessarily mean they'll get in.