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a man who is no longer a woman's boyfriend

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Miss Nott said: "Was it to punish your ex-boyfriend that you said these men had raped you?
Adele, 23, who still has not identified her ex-boyfriend, added: "We're becoming friends again.
Ms Hughes, from Cardiff, told the hearing at the Park Hotel her ex-boyfriend had deposited the money in her account to pay off the arrears but the relationship grew violent.
She then allegedly attempted to attack the ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend with the knife.
Her ex-boyfriend rushed to her side but she suffered massive head injuries.
Hundreds of Ex-Boyfriend fans and personal friends of company owner Matt Snow helped support the cause.
The woman was testifying in court regarding the grievous bodily harm her ex-boyfriend suffered during the 2006 incident.
The story takes a dramatic twist when Robyn's abusive and mentally unhinged ex-boyfriend shows up and kidnaps their son.
A WOMAN who faked her own kidnapping and murder claimed she staged the lie in a bid to make an abusive ex-boyfriend think she had disappeared forever.
Twenty-eight-year-old Cassandra Gray, of Stonelick Township, Ohio, opened her bedroom door on the morning of April 17 and discovered her ex-boyfriend, Gary Glass, standing by her bedroom, pointing a shotgun at her head.
When I was with my ex-boyfriend of two years, he was fine about the blogging.
He is now my ex-boyfriend and is refusing to pay a penny.
Simon Phillips, prosecuting, said Forrest worked as an employee at Steelhouse Lane police station in Birmingham and her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Jones, was a police constable.
The Sunday Mercury has learned that Waite was the best pal of Nicola's ex-boyfriend, a former policeman.