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affecting things past

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Such a statute would not be an ex post facto law because it would not actually punish the conduct leading to the defendant's original conviction that occurred before the firearm statute's enactment.
7) This is not unique to Louisiana; throughout many jurisdictions, sex offender statutes are consistently found constitutional when challenged pursuant to the Ex Post Facto Clause.
The Ex Post Facto Clause of the United States Constitution prohibits retroactive laws that alter the definition of or increase the penalty for a criminal offense.
Laws that have a retroactive application are called ex post facto laws.
Constitution states flatly, "No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed.
Constitution, "No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed"--Marbury v.
The purpose of this ex post facto investigation was to determine the characteristics of and need for developmental education in the college applicant pool in 2006.
Accordingly, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) amended supervisory regulations to clarify the provisions that were previously mandated to Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), such as the requirements of ex post facto approval for over-ownership of shares.
But when all of the reasons for invasion proved fallacious, White House rhetoric veered onto the ex post facto yet primrose path of freedom and democracy.
In doing so, he seeks to explode a number of myths about it, including a number of ex post facto strategic rationales for the expedition.
The court found that failing to consider the prisoner for the program was a violation of the ex post facto clause because the prisoner had requested consideration before termination was announced.
In an emergency case, the prime minister could mobilize SDF units first, but would have to get ex post facto approval immediately from the Diet.
What are we to make of that assertion, which seems so self-serving and such an ex post facto thing to get on the record?
While at least one critic (Howard Halle, in Time Out New York) has noted that the oversize new prints could be construed as an ex post facto bid for fashionable monumentality, they could also be understood as a case of technology catching up with sensibility: Before digital processing, the pictures could not have been enlarged to this size without sacrificing resolution.
California, (1) the United States Supreme Court held that California Penal Code section 803(g), (2) which extended the statute of limitations for prosecuting child sex abuse crimes in California, violated the Ex Post Facto Clause (3) of the Constitution where the original statute of limitations had tolled before the drafting and implementation of 803(g).