ex officio

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Synonyms for ex officio

by virtue of an office or position

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by virtue of position

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According to the version of PEMRA Ex Officio Members, the majority members felt that the meeting of some private members held here at PEMRA headquarters on May 28, was in defiance to the court orders and thus majority members did not attend.
The decision eliminated the ex officio role of the local bishop, currently Archbishop Harry Flynn, as chair of the university's board.
Another membership change is the ex officio representative to the committee from the U.
Clothing manufacturers such as Ex Officio are producing hats, shirts, pants, shorts and even socks with the Buzz-Off repellent treatment, said to last for at least 25 washings.
Chaired by Sylvia Coats, NCTM, Wichita State University and MTNA board member, the task force included: Judy Baker, NCTM, IMT and adjunct college faculty member; Barbara Fast, NCTM, University of Oklahoma; Sara McDaniel, NCTM, IMT and adjunct faculty at University of Colorado/Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College; Scott Price, University of South Carolina; Phyllis Pieffer, NCTM, MTNA president, IMT and adjunct college faculty, ex officio; and Gary Ingle, MTNA executive director, ex officio.
The Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, the following ex officio members: the trustees, the ACLS delegate, and the ex-president in the two years succeeding his or her term of office; and the Chairs of the six standing committees, as follows: 1.
The Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Committee consists of Vice President for Student and Administrative Services, ex officio, Dean of Faculty, ex officio, Dean of Student Affairs, ex officio, Vice President for Marketing, Communication and Enrollment, ex officio, Three Senators appointed by the Faculty Senate, Six (6) faculty members elected by the General Faculty, one student appointed by the Academic Affairs Board of the Student Government Association.
Four common issues concern minutes, ex Officio members, rulings, and proxy voting.