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an open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring

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EXETER: Tries: Whitten, Ewers, Penalty tries (2); Cons: Steenson (4); Pens: Steenson (2)
Sladey would have been in if he had carried on showing the form he has shown and Dave Ewers is unlucky.
Recommendations B White to score a try 1pt 3-1 Ladbrokes D Ewers to score a try 1pt 9-2 Ladbrokes
Runner up Milo Clarke weighed in 76lb and Paul Ewers was third with 58lb 8oz.
Mrs Ewers had joined the Women's Land Army aged 17 and served for more than two years.
Ewers relishes the pace of Devon life as much as the fact England could easily field a starting line-up containing players born in 10 different countries.
While Whitinsville Christian welcomed first-year girls coach Hilary Moore this spring, the Crusaders say goodbye to boys coach Charlie Ewers, who is moving to Maine next month after seven seasons at the school.
Although surgeons worked hard to reattach the nerves to the tongue, Ewers said "it's very unlikely he'll regain his sense of taste.
The soldier's girlfriend, Paula Ewers, and her son Josh Easterbrook also spent the anniversary of Cpl Roberts' death in Middlesbrough with his parents Stephen and Pauline.
We expect most of the species there to go extinct, and we'll pick up more extinction debt along the big, paved highways which are now cutting into the heart of the Amazon," Robert Ewers, co author of the study, said.
Ewers was one of the leading scholars of Plains Indian cultures, and especially Plains Indian art during the 20th century.
Welsh Judo Association National Coach, Craig Ewers says: "Judo works nearly every muscle of the body yet can be practised by young or old due to its guiding principles of using mechanical advantage over force.
By the middle of the 11th century the Fatimid state had become so impoverished that much of the contents of the Royal Treasury had to be sold, including ewers, the auctioneer added.
These sumptuous ewers are the rarest of rarities as well as technical tours-de-force.