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He saw historical evolutionism as the key to the absolute supremacy of science in human thought.
Indeed, the inductive evolutionism of his first paper in 1873 was toned down considerably in his half of the book he published seven years later with Alfred William Howitt, Kamilaroi and Kurnai (1880).
We reject this claim because neither the Supreme Court, nor this circuit, has ever held that evolutionism or secular humanism are "religions" for Establishment Clause purposes.
At the heart of LeConte's evolutionism was a settled view of God as "immanent, indwelling, resident in nature .
In unconsciously projecting the UN/US model back in time, and focussing on instances that best exemplify it, Anderson reproduces, according to Kelly and Kaplan, 'what was worst about the "new nations" paradigm' of 1950s modernization theory: 'an unexamined evolutionism, a vague sense of necessity and inevitability to nation-states and national community, and a peripheralization of colonial political dynamics' (p22).
He holds that a middle way between the extremes of atheistic evolutionism and dogmatic creationism is possible.
Thomas accuses those who distinguish naively between traditional and modern economic forms of being influenced by a discredited evolutionism and a reformulated primitivism which has 'taken the by-products of colonialism to be the core structures or hallmarks of tribal or Asiatic authority (as in Dumont's sociology of caste)'.
Creationism and its painted-up little sister Intelligent Design, have given up on finding naturalistic explanations for the incredible complexity of life, he argues, but theistic evolutionism, while not rejecting a designing intelligence, can recognize a creation that is completed through naturalistic processes such as natural selection.
Anarchist geographies, more-than-human geographies, evolutionism, mutual aid, postanarchism
Part 2 explores representations of Africa and Africans from early history to modern times, touching on evolutionism and the primitive Africa and conceptions of disease-ridden Africa, helpless Africa, and exotic Africa.
Progressivism was a leading spirit of the day; its development could be traced from Whig History through the influence of German Idealism and evolutionism into a wide range of finde-siecle socialist and liberal approaches that depended on a notion of human development.
From his perspective, "there is no distinguishable difference between theistic evolutionism and atheism when it comes to our physical reality.
She is the author of George Eliot and Herbert Spencer: Feminism, Evolutionism, and the Reconstruction of Gender and Writing under the Raj: Gender, Race, and Rape in the British Colonial Imagination, 1830-1947, and has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and collections.
I would suggest beginning with chapter 13, Gary Tomlinson's "Beneath difference; or, humanistic evolutionism.
In the 1910s and 1920s, they forcefully rejected Lucien Levy-Bruhl's theory of a distinctive "primitive mentality" while explaining difference on the basis of cultural relativism rather than biological evolutionism.