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a general direction of evolutionary change

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Then the correlations between the mineral element contents and photosynthetic characteristics under the two types of selective pressure were analyzed, in order to explore the evolutionary trend of physiological metabolism of Soja during the long-term adaptation to the natural environment and artificial domestication.
For regions not characterized by a movement away from marshland or a transition away from fishing and toward bow hunting, Bettinger could have commented to some extent on how such groups were or were not affected by these sociopolitical evolutionary trends.
A very similar evolutionary trend in superhump amplitude was observed in SW UMa (7,8) where the maximum amplitude coincided with the transition from stage A to B and a secondary maximum occurred at the transition from stage B to C.
In addition to the trends observed in the evolution ofperianth dimorphism (Bartlett & Specht, 2010, 2011), another important evolutionary trend that defines the evolution of the Zingiberales flower is the evolution of the androecium or stamen whorls (Fig.
At this time, the selective forces driving such chromosomal rearrangements toward high diploid numbers and the role of the variation of genome size in the chromosomal evolutionary trends in Haliotidae can only be postulated.
Antinomianism "represented an evolutionary trend within puritanism, rather than a separate and discrete stream flowing from a distinct source" (28).
As SSL VPNs become mainstream in managing mobile business users accessing desktops and applications, the evolutionary trend will demand secure remote administrative access, in addition to end-user access.
Whereas the earliest life forms adapted by mutation and reproduction, the proliferation of a multitude of new forms, human beings are the culmination of an evolutionary trend with exactly the opposite strategy of survival.
The most important implication of the phylogeny is that there is a statistically significant evolutionary trend toward oviposition in the more basal parts of the growing shoot.
Darwin's principle of natural selection leads to the prediction that the proper way to analyze any evolutionary trend or evolutionary development is to see the new features as adaptive to environments.
" let me give you a bit of retrospective knowledge as to how NEHA has evolved and how this evolutionary trend has produced the organizational structure and planning process you see today.
Former Avon Products CEO Hicks Waldron sees the turmoil as part of a longer evolutionary trend in which the independence of boards increases with the rise in the number of outsiders on the board.
Scientists speculate these factors may play a role in creating the evolutionary trend they observe.
Noting the growing trend of the achievements displayed in Iran Nano 2011 Exhibition, Heydari Dastnayee, a member of the Education and Research Commission of the Iranian parliament, said, "We see an evolutionary trend of production of manufacturing devices and products.
"As broadband access continues the evolutionary trend towards becoming an essential service, network downtime is no longer acceptable," said Hart.