evolutionary trend

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a general direction of evolutionary change

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At this time, the selective forces driving such chromosomal rearrangements toward high diploid numbers and the role of the variation of genome size in the chromosomal evolutionary trends in Haliotidae can only be postulated.
These units themselves are subject to the same evolutionary trends, including evolvability and complexity.
Scientists speculate these factors may play a role in creating the evolutionary trend they observe.
Noting the growing trend of the achievements displayed in Iran Nano 2011 Exhibition, Heydari Dastnayee, a member of the Education and Research Commission of the Iranian parliament, said, "We see an evolutionary trend of production of manufacturing devices and products.
What characterizes the general evolutionary trend from early human thought and behavior to the modern condition is the growth of scientific, i.
To establish a hypothesis about the chromosomal evolutionary trend of California abalone, it is imperative joined our results with the available molecular data.
The evolutionary trend of such regional revolutions has surprised dictatorial regimes," Larijani stressed, addressing the open session of the parliament on Sunday.
The authors suggest that an influx of people has brought lots more kinds of food for the birds, wiping out any need for specialized beaks and thus reversing a natural evolutionary trend.
Washington, July 18 (ANI): The 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing saw that winning athletes are getting bigger in size than they used to be in the past decades, and now a theory by Duke University engineers has explained the reason behind this evolutionary trend.
They constitute a general evolutionary trend, Morton says: In the face of incipient attack, the bigger you appear, the better off you are.
Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) represents the most recent evolutionary trend in convergence of 2 important technologies -- medical imaging and high-precision radiation beam therapy.
With many switch OEMs realizing that the biggest differentiator in certain mainstream markets will be their ability to deliver low cost solutions faster to their customers than before, the need to rely on a semiconductor vendor that brings much more to the table than just chips becomes an important evolutionary trend.
With the future evolutionary trend of digital media from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, we looked to iVAST, an established leader in MPEG-4 software, to integrate their technology with our Nexperia Digital Video Platform (DVP)," said John Payne, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Philips Semiconductor.
However, serializing the flow of data has historically been in direct opposition to the evolutionary trend toward higher speeds," said Eric Mantion, Senior Analyst for In-Stat/MDR.
The agreements that have been made public today are focused on three of the sectors -- e-banking, customer service by telephone and electronic hiring of leisure services -- which have shown the best evolutionary trend over the last few months, and whose future prospects are the brightest.