evoked potential

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the electrical response of the central nervous system produced by an external stimulus

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The value of intraoperative motor evoked potential monitoring during surgical intervention for thoracic idiopathic spinal cord herniation.
In a study with motor evoked potentials during THR surgical procedures with a posterolateral approach, Shiramizu et al.
When the STI ENDT program achieved CAAHEP accreditation, it became one of 21 nationwide that are accredited, and it was only the third program; to achieve accreditation status for the Evoked Potential add-on from CAA-HEP.
Subclinical cervico-spino- bulbar effects of lead: a study of short-latency somatosensory evoked potentials in workers exposed to lead, zinc, and copper.
They measured the soleus H-reflex, tibial F-wave, and motor evoked potentials to the abductor hallucis muscle, both before and after the ETT.
10) All our patients had normal results for visual, auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials (one showed slight prolongation of latency of the visual evoked potential (VEP)), contrasting with other conditions where CNS white matter disease is prominent.
The effects of propofol, small-dose isoflurane, and nitrous oxide on cortical somatosensory evoked potential and bispectral index monitoring in adolescents undergoing spinal fusion.
Auditory evoked potentials are characteristic changes in an animal's electroencephalogram that are synchronized with a sound stimulus.
A 48-year-old woman was seen in Neurology Outpatients with a 12-year history of clinically definite MS (CDMS) with consistent MRI and evoked potential findings.
Loudness dependence of the auditory evoked potential and response to antidepressants in Chinese patients with major depression.
Steady-state evoked potential and behavioral hearing thresholds in a group of children with absent click-evoked auditory brainstem response.
Data strongly suggest that adding motor evoked potential (MEP) monitoring can be more reliable than SEP monitoring alone.
In 1991 Picton (1991:9) stated that "Once one has come to the idea that there is more to evoked potential audiometry than the ABR, it may not be hard to accept that there is more to audiometry than clicks and tones".
Attempts to record the brain's electrical activity and relate it to behavior date from at least the time of Richard Caton (1875), who recorded evoked potential responses (ERPs) from an electrode placed directly on the surface of a rabbit's exposed brain.