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Synonyms for evocation

imaginative re-creation

calling up supposed supernatural forces by spells and incantations

stimulation that calls up (draws forth) a particular class of behaviors

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Jan Gardner's shimmering evocations of places real and imagined will be on show at Plas Glyn y Weddw from tomorrow
The work of Morais and other Latin American and Caribbean artists, such as Jamaican Jennifer Markes, appeals to vacationers not only as a memento of their journey, but also as an evocation of a certain bright, carefree mood, according to those who run galleries and auctions for regional hotels and cruise lines.
Written with crystal clear precision, this evocation of physical and emotional decay is brilliantly executed.
His 1905 Legend of the Skerries is a well-built, atmospheric evocation of the 25,000 islands which form the Stockholm archipelago, somewhat reminiscent of Rachmaninov's contemporary From the Isle of the Dead, and using a language - sustained strings, summoning woodwinds, broadly melodic horns - which we associate more with "Celtic" composers; Wagner and Strauss also contribute to the sound-picture.
Another commercial name, considered and apparently rejected, was the WebMate - an evocation of Apple's eMate, a Newton in a translucent green shell.
As an evocation of a bygone pop era, Velvet Goldmine is an impressive leap beyond The Rose and Grace of My Heart.
A Child's Christmas in Wales is a lyrical, minutely remembered evocation of the Christmas season, as perceived by a happy child.
A Childhood: A Biography of a Place (1978) is a vivid evocation of the Georgia of his youth.
An excellent evocation of the grief and confusion that follows great loss as understood through the mind of a young child, Abyssinia is an idiosyncratic, almost poetic novel, told as a mixture of juvenile newspaper writing, fantasy play, and narrative by an unreliable narrator.
Scott is a total genius in her evocation of this dimly historic time and place.
Powerful in its lean simplicity, gripping in its honesty, Sue Silverman's voice rivets the reader with its sensual evocation of imagery and ability to draw a reluctant audience into the painful world in which she was raised.
Denis' famed solos Kwan Yin (1919), Egypta (1910), and more, with the aid of three actors playing the young Ruth, a spirited sidekick, and a mystic, this piece promises to be a colorful evocation of everything from the Coney Island boardwalk to the Ouled Nail dancers of Algeria.
For instance, Marc Askew writing on Ban Thai is informative and gives a particularly critical review of the commodification of tradition in the so-called 'Thai Style' publications, in state-promoted evocation of Thai traditional culture and in the burgeoning commercialized nostalgia industry.
While some scenes capture this tension better than others -- especially a sequence when the two watch a hockey game -- I Shout Love is a powerful evocation of emotional distress.
His evocation of the landscape of despair and violence is informed by uncommon insight.