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Synonyms for evisceration

surgical removal of an organ (or the contents of an organ) from a patient

the act of removing the bowels or viscera

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altering something (as a legislative act or a statement) in such a manner as to reduce its value

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"Boris Johnson is the only person that can stop this complete evisceration. It's not about the detail, it's about survival."
2 Aspergillus culture positive cases underwent evisceration.
A 14-year-old boy was admitted to the pediatric ED due to small bowel evisceration. While he was cycling, he lost the control of the bicycle and stroked the end of the handlebar, then fell onto the bicycle.
So long as you're not on the end of an evisceration.
Tenders are invited for supply, installation and start-up of equipment for evisceration and inspection of beef carcasses.
Vaginal-cuff dehiscence (VCD) and evisceration is defined as partial or total separation of the vaginal cuff from the protrusion of intra-abdominal content, which are generally small intestinal segments (1).
The evisceration begins in earnest during the credits with a mother abandoning her SUV on a level crossing, her child perched on the back seat, as a speeding train bears down on the vehicle.
Orson Welles' 1941 masterpiece was a scorching evisceration of the soul-rotting nature of obscene wealth - and Scott follows in the maestro's footsteps with this enthralling portrait of the oil magnate J Paul Getty.
In many cases, the management of vaginal dehiscence with evisceration consists of immediate laparotomy to assess the overall integrity of the entire bowel.
Although there have been several reports about the transvaginal herniation following hysterectomy or trauma, we could not find any report of the transvaginal herniation and evisceration following the abdominoperineal resection and the perineal hernia repair in English literature.
urachus pervious, intestinal evisceration and naval ill etc.
On Jorn's terms of sophisticated evisceration, "the process of encountering the unknown, the accidental, disorder, the absurd and the impossible" meant turning art inside out.
The report presents a five-month old infant with congenital nephrotic syndrome who had spontaneous umbilical hernia rupture with evisceration. The approach to umbilical hernias is usually conservative, but in selected cases elective surgery may be indicated.
BLUES MARCH CHELSEA impressed with a 3-0 evisceration of Everton last weekend, keeping them four points clear of Spurs.
Invoking nearly identical scenes of anguish from Picasso's Guernica, the iconic painting that commemorates a similar aerial evisceration of the Basque town by Hitler's Condor Legion in 1937, the indiscriminate and methodic targeting of civilian populations by the Assad-Putin-Hezbollah axis was ominously reminiscent of the horror's perpetrated by Francisco Franco's Nationalist forces and their fascist allies during the Spanish Civil War.