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Synonyms for eviscerate



Synonyms for eviscerate

surgically remove a part of a structure or an organ

remove the contents of

remove the entrails of

take away a vital or essential part of

having been disembowelled

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When investment terms and liquidity needs are mismatched, a volatile market can quickly eviscerate investments with even the most impeccable credit rating," said Maco.
The Big Five have the weapon of a veto in the UN, because they possess enough nuclear missiles to eviscerate the world many times over.
Perdue hopes to eviscerate language in the Georgia Constitution that states, "No money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect, cult, or religious denomination or of any sectarian institution.
We should be taking important steps forward that are sustainable and that do not generate a response that would eviscerate all our advances," he says.
Each of the Supreme Court's enemy combatant decisions, he warns, "included enough qualifications and concessions to eviscerate in practice the due process rights that the justices praised in theory.
A flickering thought: The tensile-seeming form could snap shut, imprisoning the unwary, much as the school uniforms eviscerate personality and Seoul Home.
McConnell fired off a July 28 letter to key corporate donors accusing the CED of plotting "an all-out campaign to eviscerate private sector participation in politics, through so-called 'campaign reform.
Why on Earth does this congressional leadership think it's rational to try and eviscerate 25 years of environmental law, one of the most popular programs in our country?
But, as with so many studies of attempts from Above to eviscerate popular culture, doubts remain as to the long-term success of the enterprise.
AU and the other groups contend that the government's position is too broad and would eviscerate the federal religious freedom statute.
Altering the shape of the budget window, to include perhaps many years, but counting later years progressively less, would eviscerate both of these incentives, leaving the timing of legislated provisions to be determined by their merits, not budget politics.
Critics said the proposed constitutional amendment would essentially eviscerate the state's current constitutional provision, which calls for a strict separation of church and state.