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"Evilness was just in some areas in Bahrain, but it has now spread to places like the Bahrain Financial Harbour," he said.
In chapter nineteen, Linda Skitka examines moral courage and convictions and argues that individual's moral convictions can be more important than group conformity and that the perception of a courageous moral action is the determinant of its goodness or evilness. Roy Baumeister, (chapter twenty) examines the construct of evil and its causes.
Why watch it: Dabney Coleman is pitch perfect in this dastardly role, in which he comes across like one of those silent film bad guys with the curled up mustaches and innate evilness that leaves audiences cheering for his comeuppance.
Israel is doomed to an early demise, thanks to her evilness and iniquity.
Some acts may be thought universally evil, but one's era, religion, culture, law, and society play important roles in encoding, deciding, and maintaining the alleged evilness of certain acts, institutions, individual human beings, or other entities.
"The evilness of this coalition began being uncovered following the statements of Menduh Thaci who says that he is unafraid of the electoral defeat as he is used to losing.
It was far from the comic's best work and he may have been buried under prosthetics, but he still managed to provide a character that I wanted to see more of, giving a perfect balance of comedy and evilness.
THE UNCANNY IN this1977 shocker, Peter Cushing writes an anthology of tales about the inherent evilness of cats, which he believes to be supernatural envoys of the Devil himself.
I had to see the Khojaly videos to understand, to face reality, then I lightened candles, and then I prayed for all that evilness and cold hearted actions against those, my fellow beings, to be worth it at least to move other's hearts.
"Those tougher punishments ensure that security personnel are protected and at the same time attackers are protected from the evilness within themselves," he said.
Let's our Mother Public University of South Sudan not bedefiled by money whose sources might be tainted with the dirt of evilness ofthe darkness that has befallen the public monies of South Sudan since 2005.
But Crispin knows he cannot be free until he puts an end to the evilness that resides in his parents' house.
ALSUDANI: Al -Bashir: some African countries supported Qaddafi's regime for fear of his evilness.
EastEnders (BBC1, 9pm) The evilness of Yusef has finally been revealed, and all those who thought that the highly respected doctor was a pillar of society are in for a shock.