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in a wicked evil manner


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Gibson, all bloodshot eyes and inappropriate jokes, lurks on the fringes as a kind of malevolent jester, cackling evilly whenever things go wrong and setting a terrible example for the children ("Know what I mean, kid?
she asked the professor, who started to smile evilly, drawing a knife out of his pocket.
We think of addicts as emaciated people engaged in shady deals and rotting in basements and empty warehouses, eyes bloodshot, injecting themselves with drugs while their dealers laugh evilly on and men higher up in the ladder of power just get richer and richer.
Evilly Untamoinen wrought with his brother's body before his wife's eyes and fully entreated his folk and lands.
For even "in the mouth of the suckling and the infant" has the truth pleasing to God resounded, and a blind newborn has confessed the truth which the Pharisees not only were silent about, but evilly tried to turn away.
Those acquainted with early Christian history will recall Origen's pro-Nicene defender, Rufinus of Aquileia, who argued that the apparent unorthodoxies of Origen's writings were due to widespread interpolations into his texts "by heretics and evilly disposed persons.
In court Hays declared that members had "made an assault and him did beat, wound, and evilly treat" as he was shoved against the rails and kicked in the shin.
My first ride only lasted an hour, it was mostly on the flat but with one killer hill evilly positioned right at the end just to prove how unfit I've become.
We have to add to all these features that bring together a complex portrait that she enjoys falling in love with young men which she follows and evilly gets obsessed by them.
When the Gentiles evilly entreated us, and afflicted us, and thrust us out, we cried unto the Lord God of our fathers; the Lord heard our voice, and looked on our affliction, and sorrow, and homelessness; and he gave us this land for an everlasting possession.
He says that he is evilly exploited by a man who takes half his wages and then deducts a further amount for his rent.
Riek and his allies wanted to remove President Salva Kiir from power, yet they are harming and destroying innocent civilians and their livelihoods so evilly.
His powerlessness seems to come as a surprise: "the place caught his senses in the spell of a powerful drug, swept his will into acceptance upon the overwhelming tides of a languorous and corrupt surrender" (646); a surrender to "an evilly seductive world.
Say even that this complete simplicity Stripped one of all one's torments, concealed The evilly compound, vital I And made it fresh in a world of white, A world of clear water, brilliant-edged, Still one would want more, one would need more, More than a world of white and snowy scents.