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Synonyms for evildoer

Synonyms for evildoer

a person who sins (without repenting)


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The screenplay does nothing to illuminate any of the three parties: The Taliban are the evildoers, the Frenchmen the self-sacrificing military heroes, and the little-seen local population an exotic bunch caught in the middle.
Chapter Two, "Obscene Enjoyment," further develops the theme of the subjective corollaries to evil and the effects of the split between the mind and the body, as well as ideality and materiality, on the psyche of the evildoer.
Unfortunately, however, he fails to admit that it is not in the African tradition for the elders of the community to keep silent in the face of an evildoer, whether that evildoer is a chief, paramount chief, king or just a commoner.
In Jesus and Nonviolence: A Third Way (Fortress Press, 2003), Wink denies that nonviolence is merely a passive response to evil, describes many successful nonviolent movements in scripture and history, and argues that Jesus' command not to resist the evildoer (Matt 5:39) is actually a call not to use evil (or violent) means in resisting evil.
But, because of the sarcastic tone with which he speaks to Jesus, the hearer understands that the evildoer does not really believe that Jesus is the anointed one.
On the first reading the novel appears to be the story of an evildoer being frustrated in her efforts to perpetrate more evil.
Paul did, that government carries the sword as 'the minister of God,' to 'execute wrath' upon the evildoer.
He was a shyster, for sure, but not quite the evildoer of the popular imagination.
An evildoer whose testimony before the 9/11 Commission is nothing but a grandstanding load of transparent lies in a pitiable attempt to hype sales of his libelous collection of untruths published by a subsidiary of Viacom, which also owns CBS (wink-wink).
Therefore in an attempt to live ethically, I admit to you that I am a lawbreaking evildoer.
While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him.
In actuality the anonymous evildoer sent out this malicious program from a mail server located in Australia and the aforementioned sender information was deliberately falsified.
Not to be confused with another evildoer whose name also begins with 0 and ends with A, this group was formed with the best intentions and during its early years was committed to saving the lives of millions of Americans.
In the film, directed by Franziska Busch, Emil is sent to Berlin, robbed and beset by misfortune until he meets up with the cheeky Pony and her gang who help to pursue the evildoer Grundeis and set everything right.