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having an evil appearance

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I swear everything she cooks is the sort that will lead you to the dirty kitchen to investigate and eventually discover snake oil and other evil-looking ingredients in place of liquid seasoning and marinade.
"The American Trump uttered nonsense about demolishing our country," a military officer, Lt Colonel Hwang Myon Jin, told me."So as soon as our supreme leader gives us an order, we will turn the entire country of the US into fire." One typical propaganda image shows a powerful North Korean soldier stepping on the face of an evil-looking blond US soldier and reads,"Death to invaders." Kim doesn't want to appear weak and seem as if he is caving to US pressure, and officials in North Korea repeatedly cited Trump's threats to justify their military mobilisation and their reluctance to engage in dialogue or conciliation.
Some fans prefer his version over some Hollywood depictions, which they say make the fire-breathing lizard an evil-looking animal.
The absence of festive spirit summoned Krampus into visiting the home of the unsuspecting family, bringing with him possessed toys, evil-looking bears, and monstrous snowmen.
"Then he whirled towards the bedroom window and when he turned back had a stainless steel fork in his right hand and an evil-looking knife in his left.
The bank's TV commerical shows the owner of a small firm frog-leaping out of his office carrying a carton after evil-looking bank officials take over his establishment.
She still said nothing, so I felt obliged to go on: "The grapes being gathered by Putto and Silenus in Carraci's panels are, I admit, more attractive, but perhaps that is only in comparison with Putto and Silenus, who are, respectively, a plump, evil-looking, naked child and a fat old man, also naked."
Another wrote: "That's a pretty evil-looking Christmas card.
A graphic political cartoon of the incident has also circulated, featuring a sinister-looking Azer interviewing a small child who lies atop her dead mother, asking, "Who did this to you, darling?" In the background are several evil-looking government soldiers.
Pumpkan Ale, with an evil-looking carved pumpkin leering at potential customers from a black background, is an amber ale, orange in color, that uses pumpkin puree as one of its ingredients.
Tribe follow an evil-looking man and his team of mistreated huskies deep into the Artic where they discover a building and an oil well; evidence that oil is being pumped out of a protected area.
In Europe the imagery is more blunt--diseased lungs, rotting teeth, open-heart surgery, and an evil-looking bloody growth protruding from someone's neck.
Then came sightings of evil-looking animals, variously described as dog-like, rodent-like or reptile-like, with long snouts, large fangs, leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and a nasty odor.