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having an evil appearance

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The absence of festive spirit summoned Krampus into visiting the home of the unsuspecting family, bringing with him possessed toys, evil-looking bears, and monstrous snowmen.
Then he whirled towards the bedroom window and when he turned back had a stainless steel fork in his right hand and an evil-looking knife in his left.
The bank's TV commerical shows the owner of a small firm frog-leaping out of his office carrying a carton after evil-looking bank officials take over his establishment.
She still said nothing, so I felt obliged to go on: "The grapes being gathered by Putto and Silenus in Carraci's panels are, I admit, more attractive, but perhaps that is only in comparison with Putto and Silenus, who are, respectively, a plump, evil-looking, naked child and a fat old man, also naked.
Another wrote: "That's a pretty evil-looking Christmas card.
It was contagious, this thing that could show that South Koreans weren't miserable, evil-looking and starving.
In the background are several evil-looking government soldiers.
Pumpkan Ale, with an evil-looking carved pumpkin leering at potential customers from a black background, is an amber ale, orange in color, that uses pumpkin puree as one of its ingredients.
Tribe follow an evil-looking man and his team of mistreated huskies deep into the Artic where they discover a building and an oil well; evidence that oil is being pumped out of a protected area.
I am sad to report that today I WILL attempt to make the innocent-sounding but evil-looking torta that stole the show in Mexican Food Made Simple (7.
In Europe the imagery is more blunt--diseased lungs, rotting teeth, open-heart surgery, and an evil-looking bloody growth protruding from someone's neck.
Then came sightings of evil-looking animals, variously described as dog-like, rodent-like or reptile-like, with long snouts, large fangs, leathery or scaly greenish-gray skin and a nasty odor.
Lowe, in fact, opened up with a plaintive A Fool Who Knows before it was Cooder's turn on old favourites Fool For A Cigarette and Vigilante Man, where he swapped his Strat for a small, black evil-looking thing.
They were huge, evil-looking creatures with seven-foot wingspans and sinister hunchbacks.