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pertaining to or constituting evidence

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serving as or based on evidence


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Hybrid Kloud Storage allows LE to only store those evidentiary files they need from police video product footage in the cloud, with non-evidentiary files stored on-site.
We conclude that Johnson has failed to provide newly discovered evidence to corroborate Harrington's recantation, and the circuit court properly denied the request for an evidentiary hearing on that claim.
Several experts testified during the 2018 evidentiary hearing, with differing theories on what caused Steven's death.
Luckily, the Supreme Court granted review and ultimately reversed the Court of Appeals, holding that "a motion for a new trial is not required to preserve objections to pretrial orders that decide motions in limine for appellate review." (Opinion at 2.) The court made clear that evidentiary and other "procedural" issues raised pretrial did not need to be included in a motion for a new trial because raising the issues before trial allowed the District Court an opportunity to fully consider and reflect upon the parties' arguments, which differed from the evidentiary issues arising during trial.
An evidentiary hearing is required in this "heavily fact-dependent" case, the Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled.
Where defendant failed to demonstrate that a motion to suppress would have been successful because defendant's initial interaction with police was a mere encounter during which police discovered defendant had outstanding arrest warrants, thereby providing grounds to search defendant incident to arrest, defendant was not entitled to evidentiary hearing.
The judge would then hold an evidentiary hearing to determine if the evidence was clear and convincing and if its probative value outweighs it prejudice to the defendant.
After a full evidentiary hearing, Commissioner Jones issued his Decision and Order, affirming the department's 2016 order that the company must continue to refrain from selling insurance policies in the Golden State.
With the Veritone Media Player, Relativity users can now employ machine translation for over 100 languages, including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish, for evidentiary media.
Based on forensic evidence, the Income Tax Settlement Commission has said "evidentiary value" of loose papers and electronic documents seized in raids on Sahara India and which refer to alleged pay-offs to politicians cannot be proved but has assessed the Subroto Roy-led firm's income at Rs 1,911 crore.
[section]636, include conducting most preliminary proceedings in criminal cases, trying misdemeanor cases, conducting pretrial matters and evidentiary proceedings after delegation from a district judge, and trying civil cases with the consent of the litigants.
The type of law that Congress has now authorized agencies to create--the regulatory evidentiary privilege--is a true novelty in our legal system.
According to The Star-Tribune of Casper, Wyo., courts in the state cannot leave out the public and the news media from evidentiary hearings that involve defendants who are accused of sexual assault.