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Synonyms for evidentiary

pertaining to or constituting evidence

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serving as or based on evidence


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Our 4K technology is not just the latest HD resolution; it s a new mainstream evidentiary standard and DVTEL is at the helm of this innovation.
There are two well-known facts about evidentiary instructions of
10) In the dissent, which called for an abuse of discretion for all evidentiary decisions, Judge Raymond M.
Coakley's office and the town of Lunenburg were granted full participation in the evidentiary hearing, so they will be allowed to summon and cross-examine witnesses, said Lisa Capone, spokeswoman for the DPU.
The existence of the evidentiary attorney-client privilege for federal government entities represented by federal government attorneys has been debated by academics in both the civil (6) and criminal contexts.
Rather, the more reasonable conclusion is that the absence of an evidentiary standard indicates that a preponderance of the evidence--the traditional, default standard--applies.
The DEA continues to lower its evidentiary standards, making it nearly impossible for many doctors to determine what is and isn't permitted.
Therefore, they consider these pictures inadmissible under current evidentiary rules.
Articles address evidentiary issues in more than one jurisdiction and covering such topics as economics, psychology, philosophy and history.
According to the court, the jury award of $500,000 damages had an evidentiary basis, where the officer had testified as to the stress and anguish brought on by the extreme harassment.
If evidentiary standards have been relaxed or abandoned, if there is a double standard for due process, what has really been accomplished?
They are passed through small holes to avoid cross-contamination, particularly between comparison and evidentiary samples.
Supreme Court as a standard of evidentiary reliability.
This finding greatly weakens the evidentiary value of bullet-lead analysis.