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serving as or based on evidence


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Solubilization of insoluble P by microorganisms was evidentially reported by Pikovskaya (1948).
Evidentially, the prosecution's case against them was tenuous and likely to become a distraction during the final push to convict Cicotte, Jackson, Williams, Gandil, Risberg, and Zelcer.
An overall assessment can be made such that registration would be evidentially beneficial in respect of a security interest and that failure to register could conceivably have dire consequences should there be a later registered security interest for that same asset.
All of the claims submitted by Swift Accident Solutions were for whiplash and soft tissue injuries, meaning they could not be evidentially verified and instead relied on the truthfulness of the individual claimants.
Hidden blues and twos in radiator grills and all the gadgetry of speed monitoring technology and evidentially sound video recording are the way ahead.
The guidelines will be issued by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Prosecutorial Service (KPPS) to improve prosecutorial processes and keep evidentially weak cases out of court.
8) The number of Americans with a hearing loss has evidentially doubled during the past 30 years.
The former is not evidentially adequate; the latter, even if it should be evidentially adequate, depends on a doctrine that divides both religious and secular citizens and is not neutral toward religion.
His ten principles are (1) resisting the influence of dangerous presuppositions, (2) understanding the role of abductive reasoning, (3) respecting the role of circumstantial evidence, (4) evaluating the reliability of the witnesses, (5) examining the choice and meaning of the language, (6) determining what is important evidentially, (7) recognizing the rarity of true conspiracies, (8) establishing reliability by tracing the evidence, (9) getting comfortable with one's conclusions, and (10) distinguishing between possible alternatives and reasonable refutation.
He endorses a form of reliabilism according to which, in forming an evidentially justified moral belief, one manifests a reliable disposition 'to form beliefs of one kind on the basis of others in a way that tracks, at least roughly, the conditionals involved in Ethical Supervenience' (65).
Evidentially, there is no significant difference in expressed attitudes of the study populations towards organ donation over the period analysed.
Coun Lucas said: "We will talk to anyone who believes they have a way forward and will potentially do business with anyone who has evidentially based ideas and due diligence.
Rather than evidentially dispute the shadows of Industrial Age education theory, the irony of that inference should be obvious: consolidating districts that are already quite large brings them additional economies of scale that they are somehow missing.