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serving as or based on evidence


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There is evidentially a specific environment of temperature, flow, and water chemistry in that space that characterizes the niche of that species.
The discussion of religious perspectives may well prove to be evidentially adequate and therefore legitimate, unless there is a presumption against the evidential adequacy of religious arguments.
Andrea Lock, defending, said Mr Foy faced a 'serious allegation, but evidentially the matter is extremely weak and stands and falls on the victim's testimony'.
"There is nothing immediately evidentially to say this has anything to do with terrorism but it must be examined."
The outlet also quoted David Videcette, a former Metropolitan police detective, speaking on the topic: "There may be circumstantial evidence that shows certain Russians were on certain flights and were also in Salisbury at the time but that doesn't necessarily prove evidentially that they carried out the attack.
Differential Conservatism (DC): One is justified in holding to a hypothesis (belief) despite coming to know of evidentially equivalent alternatives.
Judicial restraint can also be exemplified; JIT findings were evidentially stacked against Nawaz, still the judiciary remained within the confines of the Constitution and did not reconstitute itself as a trial court sending references to the NAB court for trial.
Some of this is more graspable instinctively than evidentially --a chapter on 'flash memory', for example, is suggestive rather than convincing.
The key eligibility criteria to be satisfied by applicants include the following, all of which must be evidentially demonstrated to the satisfaction of the CBB:
VW understands that, evidentially, because for the 2018 model it has actually increased the performance of the third-gen EA888 engine that it builds in its Silao, Mexico plant.
It is evidentially clear that this is an absolutely defective vehicle.
Consequently, identifying a compatible practice of command in both headquarters would seem to be evidentially significant.
Accordingly, an auditor must determine some evidentially supportable limiting factor, such as space or production capacity, that can help to estimate both a probable maximum revenue that might possibly be derived from the arrangement and the understatement thereof.
But the Welsh mother-of-two and proud military wife admits that losing out has made her a stronger person and, evidentially, proved no bar to future success.
Speaking outside the court, Ms Lawler said the inquest was "legally and evidentially deficient", and that the primary concerns were not addressed and evidence was not heard.