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serving as or based on evidence


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To sum up, earnest money, if performing all three functions-the payment, evidential and a guarantee-can be used as one of the means to secure a contract.
The NZNO Board of Directors adopted the recommendations of the NZNO and Nurse Executives of New Zealand (NENZ) co-sponsored working party on PDRP evidential requirements at its December meeting.
None of the lawyers who have looked at this matter considers that the evidential test is passed.
The case against Martyn Mills was reviewed by a District Crown Prosecutor and the Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS Warwickshire, and although the case passed the evidential test, it failed to pass the public interest test.
Most written communications generated today (including emails, electronically generated invoices, web pages, SMS messages) would be regarded as data messages in terms of the ECT Act and the admissibility and evidential weight of these data messages must be assessed in accordance with the ordinary rules of evidence as refined by the provisions of the ECT Act.
The WCCTV 3G Covert Backpack is ideal for agents who need evidential quality recording of suspects on the move.
Students did have evidential products that met instructor expectation in the areas that were selected as learning objectives for the course.
If the case does not pass the evidential stage it must not go ahead no matter how important or serious it may be.
At the present time there is little concern regarding the legality of e-records and whether they can provide evidential weight.
The primary evidential values related to legal, fiscal, and administrative purposes are the domain of records managers; the subsequent cultural, historical, and social evidential values are determined and understood best by archivists.
After controlling for assessed misstatement risk, the degree of reliance is found to significantly influence the timing, but not nature and extent of evidential effort.
To achieve admissibility and evidential weight, the code suggests you adopt five guiding principles, which are briefly summarised below:
It also discusses the impact of enacted legislation such as the Electronic Communications Act, the EU Electronic Commerce Directive, and the Brussels and Rome Conventions, as well as evidential issues and forms of electronic signatures.
At the conclusion of our review we found that there was an evidential basis for prosecuting for offences of forgery and perverting the course of justice, relating to two sets of documents.
From fossil records to the irreducible complexity of biochemistry, the logical and evidential fallacies of evolutionary theory are exposed.