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to or in any or all places

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In the eyes of some Yachatsians, the folks doing the work, the Oregon Department of Transportation, is Big Government trying to turn their cozy coastal hamlet into Everyplace Else.
One among them goes wrong and also the whole home is a multitude with confusion everyplace.
Everyplace you look in Macau you see pile drivers, cranes and construction equipment.
"To receive it at a time when universities everyplace else in the world are suffering cutbacks -- when the first thing to be slashed are programs like art history, studio art -- to be in an institution where the fine arts program is actually growing, it is truly exciting."
So after my girlfriend proposed, it's little wonder we fell down the rabbit hole of Google, searching for rings everyplace, from Tiffany to Etsy.
But it seems like everyplace I go someone will make a comment.
Sound The music was challenging, as the story goes "everyplace from whimsy, seriousness, curiosity and all parts in between," Litchfield said.
Aglow and exhausted best describes the human condition of spending a week at the Orlando mecca for what is billed (along with Disneyland) as the "happiest place on earth." After all, what's there not to love; it's fantasyland personified, where everything is perfect, everything works right and the staff is falling over each other to insure you come back (and pass the strategically placed souvenir displays leading from everywhere to everyplace).
“Bringing manufacturers and buyers from everyplace of the world together at this platform is all Bridgat people's new year wish,” said Andy Zheng, the general manager of Bridgat.
Not only do these "men only" law firms advertise on TV, on billboards, online, and everyplace else that they will not accept a client if she is female, but many firms go further and proclaim to focus on "men's rights."
Schiller added: "We have so much of our personal data on these devices, and they are with us almost everyplace we go, so we have to protect them."
Morrison here both echoes and challenges persistent stereotypes of the Midwest, where the region is both parochial and capacious, the middle of it all and the end of the earth, our everyplace and at the same time our no-place.
An organization's goals are to win when and where it must and, having done that, win wherever else it has a chance, try to salvage as close to a draw as it can everyplace else, and keep the scale of loss to a minimum.
"My last book had a lot to do with folklore and in India it's everyplace. There are gods and goddesses painted on the sides of buildings.