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ordinariness as a consequence of being frequent and commonplace

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Heidegger's concern was that people too readily can become subsumed into the everydayness of the environment in which they exist.
In reconstructing these details of Eichmann's life in Buenos Aires, from the rhythms of its everydayness to the contents of the ex-Nazis' collective conversation, Stangneth has given us an extremely rich account.
The they, which is nothing definite and which all are, though not as a sum, prescribes the kind of being of everydayness.
This music fills the banality, the everydayness, in which every one of the three lives drown, by contributing essentially, with its constant repetitions and perpetuation of the pulse, to the aestheticization of this everydayness.
I pretended (seeing as it was my second visit and all, ahem) to affect an air of everydayness, of nonchalance.
T HERE is something about terror that challenges everydayness.
Everydayness in being and time holds the key for truth secrets, while in the traditional or conventional philosophy, we can through wisdom understand what is more fundamental and recognize what exists appropriately.
In short, the framework of everydayness was slightly modified, but its contents were not transformed.
The presence of the tourists shapes the everydayness of the place and completes its distinctive atmosphere.
It is noted that addressing the body in its sexual presence in life's everydayness is still a taboo in the Arab world; although the everyday struggle with this particular theme is profoundly relevant to the debates arising around the questions of identity and sexuality in the region.
Beal's paintings deal with what Erich Auerbach, in his influential 1953 study, Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature, called "the peace of daily life," the world of "domestic realism"--that is, a seamless everydayness, a sort of insularity, a hermeticism that precludes, even denies, tragedy.
Although written in 1924 and with a political tone (being propaganda), Vertov describes a principle that is similar to how we can understand the involvement of Mashups in everydayness.
This question guides her analysis: "Can our thin understanding of 'commitment' reach all the way to the power and the tenderness, the everydayness and the awesome mystery of what we recognize as the covenant that God makes with human persons?
Fifty years ago, within his research into everydayness through the eyes of art, Milan Knizak (*1940), one of the most distinct and controversial 20th-century Czech artists, former chancellor of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (1990-1997) and director of the National Gallery (1999-2011), put on the turntable an LP he himself had previously damaged.
The everydayness of public life and culture does not discredit the fact of finitude but it twists it.