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without missing a year

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But every year, as your knowledge grows, you will find that new keys have been put into your hands with which you may unlock the doors which are now closed.
If you go on every year sending twelve youths and twelve maidens to the King of the Beasts, your country will very soon be ruined.
But Dorothy never brought any jewels home with her, so their poverty became greater every year.
Once or twice every year a state inspector would come wandering through the packing plants, asking a child here and there how old he was; and so the packers were very careful to comply with the law, which cost them as much trouble as was now involved in the boss's taking the document from the little boy, and glancing at it, and then sending it to the office to be filed away.
The student duels in Germany occasion two or three deaths every year, now, but this arises only from the carelessness of the wounded men; they eat or drink imprudently, or commit excesses in the way of overexertion; inflammation sets in and gets such a headway that it cannot be arrested.
I am proud of you, Teddy, for you get better every year, and everyone feels it, though you won't let them say so.
I hope there will be more wheat and fewer tares every year," said Amy softly.
Like a man of honor; he procured the signature; Tremblay and Louviere resigned their appointments, I have paid every year twenty-five thousand francs to these two gentlemen; on the thirty-first of May every year, M.
Athelny's native village, and she had been accustomed from her childhood to pick in the hop-field to which with her husband and her children she still went every year.
Drivers over 60 years will now have a medical test every year.
He pre-paid flowers so I could receive them every year on my birthday,' wrote Bailey Sellers in her post.
77% every year between 2001 and 2010, but rose by an average of 0.
Tribune News Network - Doha : During November every year there are two meteor showers illuminate Qatar sky and all Hemisphere skies.
A You should have your blood pressure measured at least every year and your doctor should test your cholesterol levels every three to five years.
Addressing the ceremony, Adviser to CM Dr Umer Saif said 21000 engineers graduate every year in Pakistan and only 1000 of them get jobs and remaining skilled force can earn handsome amount through freelance jobs by getting training from E-Rozgar centres.