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without missing a week

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The Wishaw Press and Tesco Extra on Belhaven Road have teamed up to offer one lucky reader PS50 worth of shopping every week.
I don't think there is this whirlwind of a disciplinary issue I'm hearing of but it's something that we address every week.
When asked about the pair's new single, the 'Shape of You' hit-maker said, "I have an email address that I email [to get in touch with Beyonce] that actually changes every week.
This campaign involves running a mile every week to get fit; keeping count of how many circuits of the course they complete and considering how this helps them to stay healthy.
Between January 2013 and December 2015, there were six people killed or injured every week in the region where either speeding or travelling too fast were a contributing factor.
Howe said: "I don't think I have to reaffirm my commitment here every week, which seems to be a regular pattern.
The SNP get equal coverage - and we get an over-the-top SNP propaganda page from Joan McAlpine every week.
Karbala / NINA / The representative of the Supreme religious authority in Karbala, Ahmed al-Safi declared that the supreme religious authority will not to write about the political situation every week as usual, adding that there will be a political speech without a link in advance, according to the changes happen.
A new air services agreement has been signed by Australia with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an extra 28 flights between both the nations every week.
A profit machine for the few It seems to me the only people who are guaranteed to win the lottery every week are Camelot, its shareholders and so called celebrities.
27, another route linking Beijing with Colombo, Sri Lanka, will begin, with three flights every week
DEAR Editor, I read the Post every week and enjoy doing so as I like to keep up-to-date with what's happening in this region.
Arik Air will launch its first commercial flight on this route from Monday, July 28, and will operate five flights every week between Dubai and Lagos via Abuja.
FRIDAY night is gourmet night every week at Michelin-starred restaurant Tyddyn Llan.
According to the latest official industry JNRS survey, 183,000 read the Irish Sunday Mirror every week - 42,000 more than last year.