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Proof if proof were needed that the often cynical, dog-eat-dog world of golf does deliver good news stories every so often.
ROASTING tins should be cleaned every so often by soaking for an hour or so in a solution of biological washing powder and warm water.
Even the swimming pool we had built, which I thought we'd be in every day, only gets used once every so often.
We meet every so often to keep in touch and he used to come.
Despite the law, someone tries to get away with it every so often.
There aren't many publications geared to niche markets such as the one we serve, but every so often you and others come up with timely articles that inspire us to keep reading.
The History of Swimming is gay literature on par with Denton Welch and James McCourt, with every so often a touch of the great Joe Brainard.
If we take a U-turn to those old days when I was at school, we had a doctor and nurse who came every so often for all the children to have a medical.
Her friend's comment was telling, "After awhile, you don't really see what your children look like, but every so often it's like returning to your home after a very long vacation, and you can see it again for the very first time.
The club would do well to actually update the ticket page on the website every so often so those supporters who do want to 'cherry pick' their games actually know when tickets are out.
Have your BFF ask her parents if she can stay out past curfew as long as she stays close to home and calls to check in every so often.
Every so often my wife Ann, or I will keep a greeting card we receive: a special birthday or anniversary card from a dear friend, a handmade card from one of our nephews, or a card that is uniquely beautiful or touching.
EVERY SO OFTEN, someone or something comes along so far apart from the current trends that it stirs souls, makes girls cry, and causes fake tasters to wet their pants.
Every so often a heavy clunk echoes like ghostly machinery, while the sound of a radio picking up indecipherable noise starts on the sound track as the camera enters the buildings, as if it might animate the signs of life found there.