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(used of count nouns) each and all of the members of a group considered singly and without exception

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each and all of a series of entities or intervals as specified

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in our fields, because the seeds are in great excess compared with the number of birds which feed on them; nor can the birds, though having a superabundance of food at this one season, increase in number proportionally to the supply of seed, as their numbers are checked during winter: but any one who has tried, knows how troublesome it is to get seed from a few wheat or other such plants in a garden; I have in this case lost every single seed.
Many a man did he kill in battle--I cannot name every single one of those whom he slew while fighting on the side of the Argives, but will only say how he killed that valiant hero Eurypylus son of Telephus, who was the handsomest man I ever saw except Memnon; many others also of the Ceteians fell around him by reason of a woman's bribes.
All day long the gates of the packing houses were besieged by starving and penniless men; they came, literally, by the thousands every single morning, fighting with each other for a chance for life.
When Lady Durgan, widow of the late Sir John Durgan, arrived in their station, and after a short time had been proposed to by every single man at mess, she put the public sentiment very neatly when she explained that they were all so nice that unless she could marry them all, including the colonel and some majors already married, she was not going to content herself with one hussar.
He said the federal government has ensured that Ribavirin, the major drug used for the treatment of Lassa fever, has been provided free-of-charge to patients 'for every single case of Lassa fever reported in Nigeria' in 2018.
Of course, a lot of work, we always need to work at every single training session and every single game to get the three points.
The last year has been absolutely phenomenal and I have loved every single minute of it, I still just want to play as much rugby as I can.
But Racela doesn't want to put too much pressure on his wards, simplifying his challenge to just give it their all every single game.
Both Monahan and Carey concurred that the cache of data consumers generate every single second can be a treasure-trove--but only if you know what to do with it.
The fact that every day there is a new challenge, that we take every single task so emotionally and turn it into a mission, as if we
Paige's stepfather Andy responded: "That doesn't mean we don't appreciate every single post on here because we do and it means so much to us.
He is a workaholic and he will put every single ounce of energy he has into formulating a squad capable of achieving automatic promotion next season.
Asked what he had learned from a turbulent few days, Karanka said: "A lot, a lot of things, but every single week, every single training session because I am 42 years old, I have less than twoand-a-half years' experience and always I am learning - when I was a player, when I was an assistant, when I was a national Under-16s team coach - that's life.
Speaking at the party's annual conference yesterday, Labour's Public Expenditure Minister said every single one of their candidates was worthy of election.
EVERY single private homeowner, private landlord and tenants are being reminded about the Gas Safety week which takes place between September 14 to 20, 2015.