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in three month intervals


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In every quarter he could think of; at Chigwell and in London; at the houses of the tradespeople with whom he dealt, and of the friends he knew; he pursued his search.
As one who has grown a fine young olive tree in a clear space where there is abundance of water--the plant is full of promise, and though the winds beat upon it from every quarter it puts forth its white blossoms till the blasts of some fierce hurricane sweep down upon it and level it with the ground--even so did Menelaus strip the fair youth Euphorbus of his armour after he had slain him.
Hector has wrapped us round in a storm of battle from every quarter, and our destruction seems now certain.
Emporiums of splendid dresses, the materials brought from every quarter of the world; tempting stores of everything to stimulate and pamper the sated appetite and give new relish to the oft-repeated feast; vessels of burnished gold and silver, wrought into every exquisite form of vase, and dish, and goblet; guns, swords, pistols, and patent engines of destruction; screws and irons for the crooked, clothes for the newly-born, drugs for the sick, coffins for the dead, and churchyards for the buried-- all these jumbled each with the other and flocking side by side, seemed to flit by in motley dance like the fantastic groups of the old Dutch painter, and with the same stern moral for the unheeding restless crowd.
Here in my hand is a sheaf of messages from every quarter of my kingdom.
As often as I was restless in the night, and that was every quarter of an hour, I reflected what an unkindness, what an injury, what an injustice, Biddy had done me.
Like a dado round the room was the jutting line of splendid heavy game-heads, the best of their sort from every quarter of the world, with the rare white rhinoceros of the Lado Enclave drooping its supercilious lip above them all.
About every quarter of a mile, it seemed to me, a man came out and held up a club till the train went by, to signify that everything was safe ahead.
I might have know'd, as nobody but an infernal, rich, plundering, thundering old Jew could afford to throw away any drink but water--and not that, unless he done the River Company every quarter. Wot's it all about, Fagin?
"Our National Media Group delivered improved comparable advertising performance in every quarter of fiscal 2019, and our Local Media Group achieved another year of record performance," said Meredith CEO Tom Harty.
Mayor David Selby said: "We all know and love the sound of the town clock striking every quarter of an hour throughout the day.
We have experienced quarterly growth in the number of active ad accounts every quarter since we launched our Self-Service tool in Q2 of 2017.
Simply called the Art Gallery, it will feature different Filipino artists every quarter, according to the Manila Hotel resident manager Chris Orta.
Mumbai: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will reduce statutory liquidity ratio, the portion of funds which banks are required to park in treasury bills and other instruments, by 0.25 percent every quarter beginning January.
In conjunction, the company has paid a cash dividend every quarter for 63 years and increased the dividend annually for more than 20 years.