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(used as intensive) every

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So tie your hair back or stick on an Alice band in order to remove every last drop.
What is the secret of the Matriarch Rachel - Rachel, who was buried on the road and does not find comfort until every last one of her children returns to his 'border'.
Al-Quds Day which was declared by the late founder of Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini in 1979 as an international day of struggle against Israel and for the liberation of Jerusalem is observed every last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
Every last one of our staff members has contributed to the success of 713 Locksmith.
If you're out trying to squeeze every last penny from me then what is the purpose for living?
"I would give every last penny to get her back," said the 39-year-old.
"I have promised that in 2020, every last house in every last village and every Last Mountain and valley will enjoy Internet through fiber optics," Harb said.
Image Nation Abu Dhabi hasannounced that its critically acclaimed documentary Every Last Child is now available to download on iTunes in the Middle East.
Even when every last piece of scenery and backdrop was taken away leaving a bare stage, Cilla continued to sing.
Every Last Word portrays--incredibly well--the daily hardships of being a teen with OCD.
Every Last Child, produced by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and directed by the award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, tells the dramatic story of five people impacted by polio in Pakistan.
To coincide with World Immunization Week (April 24 - 30), Image Nation is releasing the documentary Every Last Child in theatres in the UAE.
When the last local library's been shut And words all belong to the rich, When the last school patrol has been cut And the lollipops thrown in the ditch, When the centres are all boarded up And every last thing has a price, When the old are all rounded up And no-one can afford to be nice, When the last public light is switched off And the charmless continue to carve, When the sick are forbidden to cough And the jobless are all left to starve, When the undeserving wealthy Accumulate yet still more While paying for private security To subdue the hungry poor, When fairness has long had its day And the peasants are all on the run, Then Cameron and all in his pay Will know they have finally won.
THE MISSING BBC1 9pm LAST ONE We've been glued to every last twist and turn for the past eight weeks, but as the tense mystery now concludes, we finally learn what happened to Oliver.