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to the same degree (often followed by 'as')


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"Let the breakfast wait, sweep up every bit of it, and then throw the damned lot overboard!"
"But them roses as has climbed all over it will near hide every bit o' th' dead wood when they're full o' leaves an' flowers.
"Ne'er heed me, Seth," said Wiry Ben, "y' are a down-right good- hearted chap, panels or no panels; an' ye donna set up your bristles at every bit o' fun, like some o' your kin, as is mayhap cliverer."
"What will you give me if I'll tell you every bit about it?" he asked, with a sudden red in his cheeks and an uneasy look in his eyes, for he was half ashamed of the proposition.
Now for number three: you unwound every bit of the worsted while I wasn't looking!
"Pete was every bit the character we saw in Big Brother and every bit as genuine." Tourette Syndrome is a genetic medical condition characterised by involuntary vocal and physical tics, but only a small percentage of sufferers swear involuntarily.
Narrating this page-turner, actress Torch pulls out all the stops, extracting every bit of drama in her deliberate, fully voiced presentation.
Laois' attacking wing-forward likens a Midlanders' showdown as every bit as intense as a Cork versus Kerry meeting.
But one look at the picture in tonight's paper proves that it was worth every bit of it.
All the cliches of the form are on display in "Plague in the Heartland," worn down every bit as smooth as the teeth of a longtime meth fiend.
He's every bit the maverick he was in the '60s and '70s, serving up an irreverent mix of art history and pop detritus, thrilling visual distortion, and no short supply of comic/cosmic effects.
Adequate levels of carbon dioxide are every bit as vital to survival of life as are levels of oxygen, and it is perhaps man's only beneficial purpose to ensure adequate levels of carbon dioxide through recycling buried carbon.
"We are every bit as tough, every bit as resilient as Arsenal.
There are other pressing issues, as well--health care and passage of a crime bill with teeth--but the arts are every bit as essential to our survival.