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Synonyms for eversion

the position of being turned outward

the act of turning inside out

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Deficits in detection of inversion and eversion movements among subjects with recurrent ankle sprains.
In this case, the patient showed the drop foot with a weak eversion of her foot and ankle.
Options for removing granulation tissue Topical approaches Corticosteroid creams Antibiotic preparations Silver nitrate Inhaled beclomethasone Surgical approaches Open excision C02, YAG, KTP laser Optical forceps Sphenoid punch Hook eversion Stent placement
A, Left foot, 0[degrees] inversion; B, Right foot, 12[degrees] inversion; C, Left foot, 10[degrees] eversion; D, Right foot, 12[degrees] eversion.
However, there was weakness in foot eversion, ankle dorsiflexion, and great toe extension.
The eversion of nictitating gland is known as glandular hyperplasia, hypertrophy, nictitating gland adenoma, protrusion of gland or cherry eye (Mitchel, 2012).
Checking the health of the eye is important and this should always include lid eversion and white light and fluorescein check.
Urethral prolapse is defined as eversion of the urethral mucosa through the external urethral meatus [1].
Because scars tend to retract over time, eversion of the wound edges at the time of closure promotes less prominent scarring"--(T Zuber, MD, American Family Physician) In some areas of the body, a subcuticular, interrupted closure modality (vs.
The patella osteotomy was done at first, the bone cutting surface was protected by a metallic patellar protector, and then the protected patella was displaced laterally in an upstanding way without eversion.
A hand held dynamometer (Lafayette Instrument Company, Lafayette, IN) assessed ankle inversion and eversion strength.
Besides ankle proprioceptive rehabilitation and strengthening of stabilizer muscles of tibio-tarsic joint (in particular the muscles of the lateral sides of the leg), a lot of taping techniques have been developed in order to improve active control of movements, above all inversion and eversion.
ANKLE EVERSION (right): Hook the band on the outside of your forefoot, and then move your foot to the outside against the band.
Similarly, plantar flexion, eversion, and external rotation were defined as negative rotations.