evergreen huckleberry

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stiff bushy evergreen shrub of western North America having sour black berries and glossy green foliage used in floral arrangements

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Nectar, seeds, and fruit are supplied by plants, including natives like red-flowering currant, evergreen huckleberry, fringe cups, and red elderberry.
Besides its original victims along the California coast--coast live oak, tanoak, and California black oak--SOD sickens or kills an array of species ranging from California buckeye and bigleaf maple to evergreen huckleberry and bay laurel.
"I try not to rely on feeders because there are lots of cats in the neighborhood." Instead, Albert's garden offers wild visitors evergreen huckleberry flowering red currant, Oregon grape, salal, and other food plants.
Cascara Circle focuses on Pacific Northwest specialties such as evergreen huckleberry and the famed cascara tree; herbalists use its bark to treat constipation.
Amid that sea of sand, islands of forest appear, dense with Sitka spruce and salal and evergreen huckleberry. Meandering through both sand and forest are creeks the color of tea.
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