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Synonyms for ever-changing

marked by continuous change or effective action


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As a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, RecordPoint currently supports several of the world's leading government and private organizations, helping them navigate the ever-changing compliance landscape.
The Ann St store is the first in Northern Ireland and second in the UK, and with on-trend and ever-changing products on the shelves it's going to be a huge hit.
Hallmark added,"As a start-up business, InMotion combines the flexibility and pace needed to compete in the ever-changing mobility sector.
Our Enduring Values Revisited: Librarianship in an Ever-Changing World" is a stirring manifesto in which public intellectual, librarian, and philosopher Michael Gorman addresses head on the existential panic among library professionals caused by the radical shift in how libraries are viewed.
in an Ever-Changing World", a thoughtful, down-to-earth parenting guide specifically for grandparents who are involved in the lives of their grandchildren.
This conference will focus on the ever-changing facets of the tire industry and the resultant consequences to the tire and automotive manufacturers and consumers.
Additionally, in today's ever-changing market, buyers constantly find themselves in need of "quick cash.
Finally, the author ponders what role Earth's ever-changing atmosphere could have on life in the future.
MIAMI, FL -- In the vibrant and ever-changing world of hip-hop culture, Terry Kennedy made a rare misstep when he gave super-producer Pharell Williams a disastrous handshake.
From visions of the vanishing whaling industry, to meditations on the ever-changing nature of the river, to observing the mockery of a mermaid on museum display, The Sea Cabinet collects a diverstiy of emotion, insight, and transitive feeling captured in the fleeting moment.
To keep up with an ever-changing world, the property/casualty insurance industry must be alert to risks from new and unlikely sources.
will create the right team to respond quickly and effectively to today's ever-changing environment," Feingold said.
Students and faculty partner to explore issues from all angles on the ever-changing global state.
Together, these attributes form the most complete test and inspection solution in the industry, allowing response to ever-changing business conditions and success in a competitive world.
For all its faults and failings, we Catholics believe it is the instrument of Christ for continuing his teaching in an ever-changing world.