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protrusion of the intestine through the abdominal wall

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Keywords: Diaphragm eventration, Congenital, Thoracic ectopic kidney, CT.
I reviewed the medical literature on diaphragmatic eventration (Goulston, 1957; Richards, 1961; Robinson, Gooneratne, Blackburn, & Brogdon, 1980; Symbas, Hatcher, & Waldo, 1977) and called an expert on this rare condition.
With these clinical and radiological findings, a diagnosis of eventration of left diaphragm with herniation of abdominal contents into thoracic cavity was made.
The penetrating feature of the wound without eventration of the organs or active bleeding were the indications to the diagnostic laparoscopy and then to the conversion, if it was the necessity for it.
Organoaxial volvulus of the stomach with diaphragmatic eventration.
2, 3, 5) We describe a case of an inverted liver with suprahepatic, anteriorly displaced gallbladder that resembled an eventration on chest radiograph.
Eventration of the right hemidiaphragm but only when associated with chronic lung disease, cirrhosis and ascites.
Contamination has been one of the largest problems faced by industries using mechanical eventration and automated systems.
Autum was diagnosed with eventration of the diaphragm, in which all or part of the diaphragmatic muscle is replaced by fibroelastic tissue.
Surgical treatment of diaphragmatic eventration caused by phrenic nerve injury in the newborn.
The consultant knew this condition--"congenital eventration of the diaphragm"--to be an interesting but irreparable curiosity, important only in newborns when both lungs are compressed, threatening asphyxiation.
INTRODUCTION: Congenital Diaphragmatic defect embraces congenital diaphragmatic hernia and Diaphragmatic Eventration.
Surgical sutures, priest, according to tender specifications eventration nets.