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Synonyms for eventful

Synonyms for eventful

full of events or incidents


having important issues or results

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Less obstinate, and even less dangerous combats, have been described in good heroic verse; but that of Gurth and the Miller must remain unsung, for want of a sacred poet to do justice to its eventful progress.
This was the Climax, the Paradise, of my strange eventful History.
It had been D'Artagnan's practice, ever since the riots, to sleep in the same room as Porthos, and on this eventful morning he was still there, sleeping, and dreaming that a yellow cloud had overspread the sky and was raining gold pieces into his hat, which he held out till it was overflowing with pistoles.
On the 3d of September he arrived on the summit of a mountain which commanded a full view of the eventful valley of Pierre's Hole; whence he could trace the winding of its stream through green meadows, and forests of willow and cotton-wood, and have a prospect, between distant mountains, of the lava plains of Snake River, dimly spread forth like a sleeping ocean below.
Her voyage forms another chapter of accidents in this eventful story.
With the shortening of the days all hope of obtaining her husband's forgiveness began to leave her; and there was something of the habitude of the wild animal in the unreflecting instinct with which she rambled on-- disconnecting herself by littles from her eventful past at every step, obliterating her identity, giving no thought to accidents or contingencies which might make a quick discovery of her whereabouts by others of importance to her own happiness, if not to theirs.
That evening, over the camp fire, George Curtis told us his story, which, in its way, was almost as eventful as our own, and, put shortly, amounted to this.
As we stood, waiting for the eventful moment, I heard someone behind call out:
The president of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW), Mr Wole Adedoyin, has promised to make 2018 eventful, saying the group would be coming up with several poetry competitions in order to develop the talents of young writers.
com)-- Eventful Enterprises is partnering with LinkedIn Top 30 Influencer Daniel Burrus to produce an industry gathering of 300 marketing executives called Eventful Forum 2016: The Technological Frontiers of New Consumer Marketing.
The conference theme, Digital Readiness: Evolving the Consumer Enterprise, echoes what Eventful Conferences' in-depth research tells us: the impact that digitalization will have on consumer behavior and therefore, consumer products companies, is changing how they make, distribute, and market their products.
US-based business resources group Americas' SAP Users' Group has acquired Syracuse, New York-based business-to-business company The Eventful Group's North American assets, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 25, 2016-Americas' SAP Users' Group Acquires Eventful
DEFENDER Daniel Ayala believes Boro's win at Shef-field Wednesday will help settle nerves after an eventful week.
Michael Schillmeier, Eventful Bodies: The Cosmopolitics of Illness, Farnham, Burlington, Ashgate Publishing 2014, 196pp, 54 [pounds sterling], cloth