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Synonyms for evenly

in equal amounts or shares


in a level and regular way


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The chances for and against her winning the fight for her lost fortune are now so evenly balanced that I cannot for the life of me see on which side the scale inclines.
The total minimum quantities of the full platelets for the outer rings in mirror and stamp gloss finish for the 10-euro coin blanks must be delivered evenly to the embossing sites in berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and hamburg.
2 Crush the digestive biscuits, then add sugar and butter and add to a lined baking tray (33cm x 23cm), pressing down firmly and evenly.
Fossil Group sales are split evenly between the company's licensed and core Fossil brands, says Fossil CMO Greg McKelvey, as quoted by WWD.
Mogensen has introduced its largest yet vibratory spreader feeder designed to accept a feed from a relatively narrow, high-speed source such as a conveyor belt, and divide it accurately between two following items of process equipment spreading the process material evenly across the whole width of ead unit.
This ensures they cook quickly and evenly in the skillet.
Synopsis: A majority of Americans (58%) say money and wealth should be more evenly distributed among a larger percentage of the people, although slightly less than half (46%) go so far as to say that the government should redistribute wealth by aheavy taxes on the rich.
The smaller the tiles, the more likely they are to go over your floor evenly and adhere evenly.
The company is offering advice to contestants, such as licking evenly around the cone to maintain its shape, eating the cone evenly when the ice cream above it has been licked away so that the ice cream inside is exposed evenly.
Turn batter into 2 (8-inch) round layer cake pans (each 2 inches deep), sprayed with non-stick spray, dividing evenly.
Then evenly lay out the cardboard or newspaper, leaving eighteen inches around the trunks of newly planted and existing trees.
Rub evenly over both sides of the salmon fillets and place them on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray.
The trick is to evenly distribute the forces about the body in the right places," explains Melvin.
It cooks evenly, so you donOt have to do much stirring.
One complication of this approach is that most heavy elements--considered by astronomers to be anything beyond helium-were not evenly distributed in the early universe.