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a planet (usually Venus) seen at sunset in the western sky

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These eyes in the Evening Star you must have seen in a dream.
On the north by Ferndale, south by Sunny Wave River, east by the hill of Morning Clouds, and west by the Evening Star.
I know not whether the fair Rowena would have been altogether satisfied with the species of emotion with which her devoted knight had hitherto gazed on the beautiful features, and fair form, and lustrous eyes, of the lovely Rebecca; eyes whose brilliancy was shaded, and, as it were, mellowed, by the fringe of her long silken eyelashes, and which a minstrel would have compared to the evening star darting its rays through a bower of jessamine.
A nice chance he would stand against the man who would tell her that her face was like a fresh blush rose, that her hair was a wandering sunbeam imprisoned by her smiles, and her eyes like two evening stars.
Starting on 8th September, the tour saw passengers travelling to an extensive array of locations across the UK, including Swanage, Harwich, Inverness and Liverpool, being hauled by locomotives that included Class 87s, Class 59s, Class 20s and the famous Evening Star.
Venus, the brightest planet as observed from the Earth, is known as the Morning Star or Evening Star due to its visibility during Civil Twilight.
READING Mr Graham Williams' letter (You Say, January 14) regarding his memory of the locomotive Evening Star, it took me back to early 1962.
It is in contention to be named Daily/Sunday newspaper of the year, alongside the Cambridge News, the Lancashire Evening Post, Ipswich Evening Star and Carlisle News and Star.
Yet I can see your radiance like the evening star Come to light the
213, AF and AM in Eugene, and Evening Star Lodge No.
In the second match of the evening star studded Muscat Beach trading team scored 157 runs for the loss of three wickets against a spirited Ghala CC.
While being inducted into the Society of Professional Journalists' Hall of Fame in 1992, Mary Lou Forbes recalled "falling in love" with journalism as a copy girl at the former Washington Evening Star.
A modicum of independent evidence suggests that 'Attar as well as his suspected alter ego, 'Azizu, represented the morning or evening star.
also the evening star, and the errant planet Venus.
Ipswich Town's David Norris, 27, who gestured for friend Luke McCormick and was fined pounds 5,000 by the FA, backed the Ipswich Evening Star in naming guilty drivers.