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just to all parties

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without partiality

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Paul Duke, whose storytelling skills and journalistic evenhandedness set the tone for the venerated public television show 'Washington Week in Review," died July 18 of leukemia in Washington, D.C.
But to understand my claim, one needs to consider NCR within the context of the media at large, examining what kind of news and opinions the mainstream outlets consider "fit to print." It is the mainstream media that have little to do with open-mindedness and evenhandedness, not NCR.
All this from a man who admires Du Bois's evenhandedness.
Former BBC chairman Sir Christopher Bland questioned the evenhandedness of the report which exonerated the government but ``tarred and feathered the BBC''.
Watt's ethnographic approach helps him to explore controversial questions with great clarity and evenhandedness. Every conclusion is linked to attitudes expressed in interviews or observed behaviors.
Another question is about the evenhandedness of IRS's use of the database as a compliance tool.
More troubling is the condemnation by Pelosi and other party leaders of even a hint of "evenhandedness." That smacks of the old game of positioning Democrats to the right of the Republicans on Middle East policy--in a perceived contest for Jewish-American votes and contributions.
With admirable theoretical evenhandedness, she begins by contextualizing the Anglo-Irish confrontation in the broader history of sixteenth-century colonial encounters, recruiting the extensive primary and secondary literature on Spanish conquest in the New World.
Shouldn't there be some evenhandedness, with bad buildings by good architects also receiving a public airing?
The Road Haulage Association may have something when they point to the pounds 5 charge for all vehicles in the London Congestion charge scheme and wonder why that evenhandedness has not been replicated on the country's first toll motorway.
The invasion has shouldered aside traditional journalistic touchstones such as objectivity, evenhandedness, and honesty.
Reversing, the Fourth Circuit "refuse[d] to enforce an agreement so `utterly lacking in the rudiments of evenhandedness.'" The court compared the case to one it decided in 1999 in which it revoked an arbitration agreement "plagued by rules and procedures which were `so one-sided that their only possible purpose [was] to undermine the neutrality of the proceeding.'" (Hooters of Am., Inc.
They all speak affectionately of him and praise his evenhandedness. "Hamid is a democrat," says his sister, Faozia Royan, who lives in Malden, Mass.
In a signal of evenhandedness, Powell urged Khartoum to stop bombing supplies donated to the south by international relief groups, declaring such attacks "reprehensible".
Carens, Culture, Citizenship, and Community: A Contextual Exploration of Justice and Evenhandedness. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.