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without favoring one party, in a fair evenhanded manner


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The main challenge which lies ahead of Australia on its quest for a seat in the SC is, learning to deal with international matters evenhandedly and sincerely.
com has long supported a simple, nationwide system of state and local sales tax collection, evenhandedly applied to all sellers, no matter their business model, location or level of remote sales," said Paul Misener, Amazon's vice president for global public policy.
For better or for worse, our government is far too entangled in marriage to extricate itself any time soon, and so long as government dispenses the benefits of marriage in any way, it must do so evenhandedly.
As long as that policy is in place, it should be applied evenhandedly.
They should recognize their past mistakes on Cyprus, engage evenhandedly in support of the promising new Cypriot talks in progress since September, and publicly commit funds to a future Cyprus settlement.
As the Planning Department made clear, conditional uses must be applied evenhandedly and without discrimination across the board.
Well, after some 13 years away from party politics - because as chief exec of Nexus I was what is called Widdecombed (quite rightly barred from party activity because my job involved working evenhandedly with MPs and councillors of all parties) - I wanted to become involved again and contribute to the Labour Party which I have supported all my life.
Chowning treats convent life in a nuanced way, addressing religious and material issues evenhandedly.
My central message in the interview was that issues in sport must be dealt with fairly and evenhandedly and without fear or favour and my administration at the SFA will do exactly that.
I am perfectly comfortable with that argument--as long as it is applied evenhandedly across all public services.
Even the easy graders at the White House had to conclude that there has not been satisfactory progress toward ensuring that Iraqi forces evenhandedly uphold the law, nor progress toward eliminating militia control of local security, nor progress toward equitable distribution of oil revenues nor toward reforming discriminatory anti-Baathist legislation.
And perhaps she tells her tale too evenhandedly, since readers may be left with the impression that the Society for Psychical Research was on to something.
It presents contentious issues accessibly and evenhandedly, utilizing both newspaper articles and scholarly publications, and well-chosen photographs and diagrams illustrate every chapter.
Pope Benedict XVI, when asked for his thoughts on the crisis, said he was unable to add anything but a wish for prayer to the G8 communique that evenhandedly criticized the militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah for fueling an escalation in fighting while urging Israel again to exercise restraint.
Yet even here the author does a creditable job in describing the development of American nuclear submarines, evenhandedly discussing the rise, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses of Admiral Hyman Rickover.