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just to all parties

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without partiality

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Answering a question, he said the accountability process was absolutely evenhanded and people belonging to the ruling party were also facing cases like people belonging to opposition parties.
In the last lines of the second stanza, "the letter from which someone has just read aloud, / with evenhanded curiosity, leaving behind a gloss of pleasure," the poem merges the sanity of the seen and the unseen.
The TSR also confirmed long-standing perceptions that the Fund is not evenhanded.
Offshore fisherman and avid conservationist Charles Sobczak presents Alligators, Sharks & Panthers: Deadly Encounters with Florida's Top Predator--Man, an evenhanded discussion of four deadly species: alligators, who have committed nearly four hundred attacks in Florida since 1948; panthers, whose rare assaults have been historically authenticated; sharks, whose notoriety needs no explanation; and man, who has slaughtered thousands and millions of these dangerous yet endangered animal predators.
For Allen, who had just finished the religious film End of the Spear, that evenhanded approach was particularly important.
A handful of black-and-white photographic plates illustrate this evenhanded look at all sides of modern environmental issues surrounding the river, from controversies over where and to what extent dams should be built or kept along its length, to pollution runoff problems, to conflicts between those who want to use the river for industry and sports fishermen, and much more.
It's directed by the same guy who made Swindle, but it's a much more evenhanded look at the Pistols, with the participation of all of the band members (but not manager McLaren).
I'VE SUBSCRIBED TO THE WQ FOR some years now and have consistently found your articles to be the most scholarly, intelligent, and evenhanded of any publication.
Bibliographies are full and the discussion quite evenhanded and moderately conservative, with open discussion of the problems that face Mosaic authorship, history of the flood, and the like.
However, I must conclude that your editorial policy does not include any attempt at an open-minded or evenhanded approach.
Don't look for an evenhanded presentation here: the workers are heroes and the owners are villains.
The Senate passed a bankruptcy bill that reaches an evenhanded balance between the rights of tenants and the rights of property owners.
Shaw's book has an evenhanded approach to Walker and her art.
Just as Grahams tough and evenhanded posture ended up preserving Donald Rumsfeld's job, his maneuvering on Social Security could, in the end, give cover to the president's plan to privatize Social Security.
Burns, not Moore, is the filmmaker you want for a polished, balanced, and evenhanded piece of history.